Powell Farewell to Haiti

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Empress Verite

13 States have promised $1.1 billion!

Post by Empress Verite » Wed Dec 08, 2004 12:59 am

One and Respe!

Well, what should I say, is there really money to lend to Haiti in any way? I recall that some of these same problems plagued the Aristide administration awhile back. When the IMF and the world community refused to disbursed the promised funds (half of what has been promised to the Alexandre/Latortue administration) there was a dechoukaj that took place. Latoti and Alexandre better start making plans to travel abroad. Eben since Latoti already has his US citizenship, he better hold on to it. I see some dechoukmen in his future.

I had hope that this new situation with the UN so-called peacekeepers would bring some real calm to Ayiti but it has not. These troops should have been deployed since last Fall when the situation was becoming eruptive. Instead, Kofi Anan (an anti Black nationalist but very pro neo colonial Africa) chose not to send the necessary help and the US also let the
situation get out of hand. And now I feel in my heart that those countries are just playing with Haiti. They are letting CARICOM dictate the international community's perspective on the situation of Haiti. And from their standpoint, there really is a destabilize nation state. This situation is probably the worse that it has been for awhile.

In the meantime, it is the little people of Haiti both at home and abroad who are suffering. Those being held hostage and in exile in strange lands who cannot go home even during these harsh times in the djaspora! Mezanmi, divalier se te ou met chanprel ki te kon ale nan grav al fe malfezans men latoti a li mem ak aleksand yo pi fo tojou. Fom ta al etidye ak moun ki bay yo pwen sa a ki bayo kout ponyet sa a pou yo fe tout tenten sa a nan peyi a. Epi pou ki sa? Yo vle m kwe ke se ede yo te vle ede pep la vremen! M pa kwe ditou se djaspora an ekzil moun sa yo ye yap tounen lakay yo le ou lott klinton tounen nan povwa. Bagay yo tro cho nan sid florid la pou ayisyen s
e pou sa yo tal fe rout you. Yo vin we ke ti brigan nan lari a te ka manke yo dega epi yo kouri al fe gwo neg sou sat pa ka defend tet yo an ayiti. Gade sitiyasyon an kounya- Bondye ap gade zanset nou abral regle avek yo kom il faut. M swete yo bon chans ak kouraj. Si yo wem nan royaum sa a yo pa bezwen mande m ed paske m map ignore yo mem jan yo fem nan lavi kounya a.


Empress Verite

Condoleeza Rice and Haiti

Post by Empress Verite » Wed Dec 08, 2004 1:09 am

One and Respe!

Well, Colin Powell had some empathy and compassion for the situation in Ayiti but Condi Rice will rule with the iron fist of her boss. I remember reading that during her meeting with CARICOM leaders about the situation in Haiti on the Hill her boss, the shrub stormed into the meeting unannounced and unexpected and told the CARICOM folks to get back and let Arisitide go. Condi Rice was also strong in her comments to CARICOM leaders specifically PJ Patterson for welcoming and hosting the Aristides. She warned them (especially Jamaica) that there would be retaliation from the US.

I am very anxious about her appointment and I feel that the progressive voices in the Haitian community at home and abroad should draft out a letter stating our concerns asap. Mrs. Marguerite Fleurent sent out a letter of thanks to Mr. Patterson and the Jamaican people and she needs to get started on another one voicing
concern about Condi's goals towards Haiti and Jamaica (CARICOM) as a whole. I am thankful for Guyana, St. Lucia and St. Kitts (?) for their stance in not recognizing the new Alexandre/Latortue administration and I hope that they are not mistreated by the US and the other "super powers" as a result.


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