A pattern in Haitian politics

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A pattern in Haitian politics

Post by T-dodo » Sat Nov 13, 2004 7:27 pm

I had to add this! I am glad to see that Erich Rene has a new subject for his writings. When Aristide was president, he was acting as Aristide was during Jean-Claude Duvalier's regime, so much he always found criticisms of Aristide's government to write about.

While there were plenty of sources of criticsm to write about during JBA's administration, I was always amazed how Erich made no efforts to suggest a solution. In other words, he was always exposing the negatives without providing positive alternatives. And to top it all, he was developing a lot of followers who would gladly forward to me what he wrote, as soon as he finished printing them.

This shows you the pattern of the Haitian electorate. This is exactly how Aristide achieved his notoriety and became president. He spent all his time during the Baby Doc regime criticizing his ad
ministration without providing how he, Aristide, can do better. Because people agreed with him that they did not like life under Baby Doc in such a way that moved them, they automatically concluded that he was the leader to follow without asking of him how he is going to fix their lives and the country and verifying that his solutions made sense and that they are achievable considering the conditions of the country.

It is no surprise that JBA's administration was a failure. There is nothing in his past that suggested that he would be a good administrator. Now, don't get me wrong. When I say failure, I am referring to progress and achievments made by the country under his administration both politically and economically. If somebody can show the progress to me, I will be glad to learn it. And, also, I am not indicating that the failure of his administration warranted violating the constitution by kidnapping him out of Haiti. My point is that people choose leaders in Haiti mostly on the basis that the
y disagree with them as to how the country is being managed, instead of whether or not the candidate has the ability to lead and has ideas that can get the country out of the mess it has been in the past two centuries.

We would go a long way by having an electorate that can sift through the rhetoric of the candidates, with their abuse of hyperboles, and a media that can challenge them without fear when their statements are facts-weak.


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