Democrat, Republican, Green Party, which is the best for us?

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Empress Verite

Democrat, Republican, Green Party, which is the best for us?

Post by Empress Verite » Wed Oct 13, 2004 5:51 am

Sak Pase?

What is the best political party for Haitians in the US? The Democrats have made various efforts in recent times to encourage Haitians to vote for them. One such example is the fact that Teresa Heinz Kerry met with and sympathized with the plight of the victims of the recent disaster. At the same time, since Abraham Lincolon, black folks and Haitians in particular have been used by the Democrats. I mention Lincoln because Teresa Heinz Kerry quoted him at length in her speech at the Democratic National Convention. This reminded me that blacks in the US were not freed from slavery until circa 1865 which is around the same time that the US recognized Haiti's independance. Coincidently, the black vote is being dsisected and the Republikkklans are busy recruiting new members from our midst.

The governor of Florida Jeb Bush has formed a group of Haitian professionals
and experts to try and find some solutions to the Haiti problem. At the same time, he recently made a trip to South Florida to rally the troops to vote for his brother and ensure another shrub selection. The Haitians who are most likely to vote republikkklan seem to be the well to do high yella and wanna be types. They are professionals who can use mental and physical intimidation to ensure that the republikkklans win the state of Florida.

There are other parties with candidates for the presidential office. One can read about them and their platforms on While I don't support the duopoly that dominates US politricks and gives voice to the DemocRats and Republikkklans I feel that we don't have a choice but to break Bush off.

Still, I am not very optimistic about a Democratic win in November because white supremacy is reigning in its full glory at this time and white folks and their allies are too happy with the situation. Historically, the democrats and republicans have both used and
abused black voters. For instance, democrats are not providing enough support and protection to black voters. While I am happy that the hip hop generation will come out to vote Bush out I realize that they are the most at risk for being disenfranchised and for being profiled. Therefore, I am concerned about blockages and police abuse during the voting season. Kendrick Meeks has brought several law suits on behalf of voters but not much has been accomplished. I still feel that more should be done to make the process easier. For example, voters do not need to be registered in South Dakota and in Michigan voters can vote on line. These methods of voting shoudl be nationalized and so should voter drives and voter education. The candidates and their platforms should be made more accessible so that we know the issues.

Too many politicians rely on television commercials that do not give them enough time to explain their positions and platforms. These are issues that the Democrats can try to deal with. Unfor
tunately, according to Donna Brazile the Democrats have been blocked by the Republicans and they cannot be completely successful in their voter enfranchisement drive.

Mayor Joe Celestin gave a passionate performance during the Jeb Bush visit where he accused the Democratic senators of not proposing bills that would support Haitian immigrants. This architect of hope and homes did not say how the Republicans would deliver. I have lived in North Miami for 7 years and I don't feel that his tenure as a mayor has helped me in any way. He is a figurehead and he is spiteful against the Democrats whom he feels have used and abused blacks and Haitians.

While I agree with him, I feel that the Republicans create an atmosphere that is destructive to blacks and Haitians. In fact, they encourage a polarized atmosphere that destroys Haitians who cannot protect themselves. For example, black on black crime has probably increased since 2k while employment has declined and educational attainment has not improve

I feel that the Democrats would like to help and they have shown good faith at various times. Still, Bill Clinton showed that when push comes to shove he will drop black folks like a hot potato. And John Kerry has stayed away from discussing black issues in the mainstream media for fear of alienating centrist white voters.

White supremacy seeks to create a hierarchy between the races and I feel that neither party has worked hard enough to dismantle that fallacy. Social Darwinism is anti black simply because the survival of the fittest will always be about white supremacy and black destruction. We need a black party as Al Sharpton and others have stated that support and discuss black issues. We need an immigrant party to address our issues and fight for our interests. The tradition of piggybacking on bills and proposals of other parties should be dismantled and done away with and new parties should be formed that will present our needs and concerns to the mainstream.

Although I don'
t feel strongly enough about John Kerry and Edwards I will vote bush out this November. I feel that the working families party is at present the most meaningful party for Haitians in the US because it addresses the issue of the working poor who are striving to care for families in a capitalist economy.

Whichever party Haitians vote for, it is important to consider which candidate will be more open to the discussing and addresssing the issues that are most important to the voter. A Haitian administrator once told me that one should vote for the winner. At the time she was discussing the 2k elections and I felt betrayed by her statement. I am an idealist and I felt that one should vote according to one's needs and heart. I still don't agree with her statement even though I will not vote for the candidate of my heart because my one goal is to breakbushoff.

Finally, white the Democrats have used and abused black folks and Haitians over and over the Republicans don't address us at all. Even GW a
dmitted this in a speech to the Urban League run by a Haitian descendant. Other political parties are marginal and right now some say that a vote for anyone but one of the two representatives from the duopoly will put Bush back in office and I don't feel that we can afford that.

Happy voting and stay strong and powerful.

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La communauté haitienne dans le jeu électoral américain

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La communauté haitienne dans le jeu électoral américain

Par Patrick Elyancy

Miami, 13 oct. 04 [AlterPresse] --- Démocrates et républicains au plus haut niveau, jettent leur poids dans la balance pour courtiser l'électorat américain d'origine haitienne de Miami, constate AlterPresse.

Le Gouverneur Jeb Bush (Floride), frère du Président républicain se trouvait en campagne le 9 octobre à Marriott Hotel de Miami pour appuyer, a-t-il dit, le projet d'accorder un statut provisoire
(Temporary Protected Status TPS) aux illégaux haitiens, surtout ceux-la en attente de déportation par les autorités de l'immigration.

Le geste de Jeb Bush se base sur le fait que la situation que vit Haiti après le passage de la tempête tropicale Jeanne, qui a fait plus de 3000 morts et disparus ainsi que 300.000 sini
strés, est dramatique.

« Mon frère travaille activement sur ce projet", a laissé entendre le Gouverneur Bush, en marge d'une réunion avec des leaders républicains de la communauté haitienne. Tandis qu'en face de l'hôtel un groupe de supporteurs de l'ancien Président Aristide manifestait contre la présence de Bush à Miami.

Le TPS (temporary Protected Status) a déjà été sollicité par des activistes communautaires après la chute du régime lavalas. La demande a encore été renouvelée le 28 septembre dernier par la hiérarchie catholique de Miami qui, dans une lettre adressée au Président Bush, au gouverneur Bush et aux sénateurs, sollicita la clémence en faveur des réfugiés haitiens en situation irrégulière.

Cette démarche a également trouvé échos dans le camp démocrate. Tout en dénonçant la politique américaine en matière d'immigration, l'activiste démocrate Jacques Despinosse, actuel membre du conseil municipal de la ville de North Miami, soutient la demande des religieux.

etemps, John Kerry, le candidat démocrate aux élections du 2 novembre, tente de se démarquer de la propagande républicaine qui veut faire croire qu'il a l'intention de ramener Aristide au pouvoir s'il est élu. Kerry, qui a effectué une visite dimanche 10 octobre à l'église haitienne Saint James, a dit, en réponse à une interrogation d'un journaliste : « je n'ai rien à voir avec cette question ». Kerry se dit par ailleurs solidaire des victimes de Jeanne aux Gonaives.

A l'approche des élections du 2 novembre, les candidats et leurs courtiers multiplient les visites et les déclarations dans les communautés haitiennes généralement favorables aux démocrates. Mais les républicains ont aussi leurs antennes.

C'est surtout à la radio que la campagne est plus chaude. Elle est étrangement alimentée par des partisans et adversaires du régime en Haiti...

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Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Thu Oct 14, 2004 4:10 am

I have done my civic duty already.
It's up to you guys. Another 4 years of Disaster???

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