Haitians need to see Farenheight 9/11 by Michael Moore

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Empress Verite

Haitians need to see Farenheight 9/11 by Michael Moore

Post by Empress Verite » Wed Oct 06, 2004 6:34 pm

One and Respe!

Michael Moore has received a great award at the Cannes Films Festival for his documentary on the events that led to 9/11. By his account this event was co-directed and produced by the Bush family and the Saudi royals. The connections between these two groups of people is so strong that one cannot help but conclude that they were in it together and that they put Osama Bin Laden up to it. Osama's father seem to have gone to great lengths to promote solidarity between his children (about 80 of them). I am therefore surprise when his siblings are not treated as guilty co-criminals like others of us are. In fact, the ben ladden's who were in the US were flown out of the country back to their homeland after 9/11 courtesy of the Bush administration.

There are several reasons why Haitians should view the documentary. For one thing it documents the black caucuses's fight
to undo the disenfranchisement of the BLACK vote in Florida in 2000. This included black votes in areas such as West Palm Beach and Miami where there are large numbers of Haitians living. I know that many of the disenfranchised were Haitians who were characterised as illiterate immigrants and thrown in the pile of powerless along with older whites and jewish folks from these areas.

Another reason why Haitians should view the documentary is because many of us are members of the New Wave of immigrants who arrived since the late 1950s. Therefore the second generation is still young and the age range of these folks puts them in the pool of those who may be drafted for war if GW or "shrub" Bush is reselected in 2004. Even though the draft proposal was voted down in Congress recently, I believe strongly that this is just a campaign ploy to mislead naive folks into believing that the draft will not be reinstated. It will be. They do not have enough troops to conquer the world and establish the US as the pow
er around the globe once again as they did during WWII.

One indication that Shrub is planning to wage war in Asia is the fact that they are encouraging white women to reproduce whereas folks of color are discouraged from engaging in this. In fact, by 2050 the US population is supposed to reach close to a billion and we are only at about 300 million now. With the expected increase in the wave of Asian migration the population will certainly increase as this group of folks will reproduce at all cost to benefit their industries and businesses.

Lastly, Edwidge Danticat the well known Haitian American writer was on the committee that selected Michael Moore for an award at the Cannes Film festival. I believe that this was well deserved and I applaud his continued efforts to bring to light in film and speech the truth about US domination.

Thank you and happy viewing.

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