Beheading the UN

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Post by admin » Wed Oct 06, 2004 4:38 pm

Insightful and courageous article!</b> (Thanks, Zanfanginen.)

Chances of follow-up are zilch. The U.N. is addicted to U.S. greenbacks. If Ted Turner, George Soros, and other billionaires could give a headstart to reforming the UN. If a few world's statesmen, that are worthy of the title, would focus on the fact that one nation block has used the U.N. simply as a most servile rubberstamp body and consider concrete steps to take against it, including an International Antitrust suit (however the great powers would disregard it, it would have excellent educational benefit for upcoming generations). If enough world leaders had enough balls to tell the U.S. to spare us the hypocrisy (such as trumpeting the 16 U.N. resolutions that Iraq supposedly failed to obey as an excuse for a criminal war against the Iraqis, but rewarding Israel with billions of dollars for their total disregard of resolutions passed by t
he same world body - with every major U.S. presidential and vice-presidential candidate wallowing knee deep in the putrid contradiction). If. If. If. Too many ifs.

I don't think the U.N. can be saved. Do you?

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