Vice City: Live from the streets of Port-au-Prince

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Vice City: Live from the streets of Port-au-Prince

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Remember this video game, “Vice City: Grand Theft Auto”?

“Kill all the Haitians”, that is one of the statements in this game. Our kids quietly, in our living room, watch, play and hear these hatred words while thrilling on the adrenaline rush provided by Rockstar Games. Today, this nonsense is more than ever on our shores. This is no longer a fiction, indeed we are living it “Live from the streets of Port-au-Prince and from the studio of Radio Caraibes”.

The life stolen, when a Haitian is killed whether this person is a police officer or a simple compatriot, is forever lost. Our options are limited, there are no such things like ::stop:: , ::save:: , ::pause:: , ::resume the game:: , ::start over:: .

While politicians are playi
ng politics and “les plus capables” show that they are not capable to deliver. we are reaching a predictable dead end, the boat is sinking with all of us. We cannot stay in a “bondye bon” mode. If so, this is sad to say: même les plus justes ne seront pas sauvés. Panic will engulf us all and here we go again with the killing.

We are 8.000.000 inside and 2.000.000 abroad. “How are we going to swim out of this trouble water, Kouman n'ap naje la pou n' soti?” That is the question we have to answer now. Two weeks ago, on this forum we were debating about investing in Haiti and one of the key factors identified which will allow all Haitians to be part of this noble journey is political stability. That is the reason why I strongly believe, one cannot look into the problem of investment as an isolated issue. Haiti's problem is not that simple, we have a complex situation in our hands. First, we have to acknowledge that all Haitians with no distinction have to do what they can do to get this country on its fe
et. We are all capable.

If there is a gift that I would like to give each and everyone of my compatriots, it's a mirror, to look deep inside and see who they are and what they can contribute to save our motherland. Are we that ugly? If yesterday you were criticizing a political exclusion philosophy, don't do the same when you come to power. Doing so, you alienate others and you have a perfect recipe for disaster. That is exactly what is going on right now in Haiti. People are dying everyday, each corner is preparing its weapons. The “international community” has its own agenda and we are stupid enough to make it easy for them.

You have no right to kill this Haitian who does not see the social and political situation as you see it. We are putting on a repugnant show for the world to see. This is not the video game, a real massacre is starting. When you starve someone, you dump into the market what he can produce from the land, you are responsible. When you silence a Haitian because he criticizes
your government, you are responsible. When you make the choice of a significant part of the population look useless in a way and then describe them as totally ignorant, you are responsible. When the “have not” confuse their deception and alienation with “the right” to physically harass the “have”, they are responsible. When the “have” continue the oppression, they are responsible.

At the end of the day we are all responsible for what is going on right now in Haiti. Shame! The reality show I would like to see will be entitled: “Victory Country: Grand Treaty Auto”. We will score points when we do something to protect and save the lives of all Haitians.

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