Washington turns its back on Haitian catastrophe

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Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Mon Sep 27, 2004 4:11 am

Can we blame GW Bush for his insensitivity, his scorn vis a vis Haiti?


I blame MYSELF, US "Haitians" for putting ourselves in a Begging position all the time.

Our motto is L'union fait la Force for God's sake. We are the worst Beggars ever, we cannot be choosers.

We knew for a long period of time that the USA is not a real friend of Haiti. -The USA helped in the rebuilding of some European countries after WWII. They are still helping ISRAEL... Do you know how much of our Tax dollars are doing it?

Yes, it hurts when they came with peanuts post a tragedy like the one we have now... But, we are responsible for Haiti.

The US philosophy was and still is simple: keep countries like Haiti Ultra Dependent.

"Don't give us a fish everyday, show us how to fish for ourselves". They are not going to apply it for Haiti. We have to stop waiting for our neighbor to feed us.

Why am I so mad?

ll, personally I think a lot of us including myself have the right ideas or formula for Haiti's Independence. We enjoy the basic cares necessary for our needs: health, drinkable water, food, electricity, education etc, etc, living outside in Developped countries. We even can own a lot of unnecessary expensive, luxurious goods. But, any idea to invest in Haiti just falls on deaf ears.

Haiti can only do well when all Haitians can really live together. When we can love our country like other people love theirs. When we alone can help Haiti. When we alone know what's good for our country. When we alone can invest in our homeland without any excuses whatsoever.

For instance, look at people from Israel. Besides having the real help from the US, they are very nationalist. They buy and consume goods from their country mostly. THEY INVEST IN ISRAEL, USE ISRAEL'S BANKS. I have a lot of other countries from EU considered as developed countries which would take me a long time to go into more details.

Anyway, I am not against what Zanf and Marilyn posted. But, I just wanted to emphasize something that I have never thought of before: Investing in our Homeland, Loving your Country and Trusting your Compatriot.

N.B. We are living in Capitalism. You receive when you can give back with PROFIT (Goods and Services). Unless the country receiving the help has other ressources. I don't think Haiti fits the criteria. Therefore thanks for any help...


We are talking Billions here, Guys!


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