Haiti has always been betrayed and ignored by the World

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Haiti has always been betrayed and ignored by the World

Post by Nkwanze » Wed Sep 22, 2004 8:17 am

I believe the International community, the world for that matter betrayed the Haitian People as it has always done. Florida was evacuated at warning, I'm sure the Haitians were taken unaware and, even if they knew, no effort was taken to help. Close to 1,000 people perish in a twingle, this is not acceptable.

Big brother, rich neighbor, frankly you had all the resources at your disposal to help these poor people, actually your close neighbors rather than the Iraqis.


Pitit Ginen

Post by Pitit Ginen » Thu Sep 30, 2004 9:39 pm

Hi everyone,

I am not back for good. I will just say a word once in a while like I am doing right now.

Only Haitians can betray Haiti bro. Our enemy can't betray us. Are we really expecting someone else to come and solve our problems for us? I am sorry to say that that will never happen. May we have no illusions when it comes to that so-called "international community" (ôganizasyon mondyal yo pa pou nou yo ye. Yo la pou ede vòlè yo piye devore (Manno)).
By the way, when we refer to the "international community"; let us not forget that we are referring to the "western countries", which call themselves so. Are we logically expecting something from the slave traders???

What are they doing to Irak right now? What have they done to our own country lately? Come on bro! We don't even need to go back to History to see the nature of those who call themselves civilized...

Obviously, the actual occupation of our co
untry has proved that our so-called intelligensia is less than... (I won't use any specific comparative word).


Pitit Ginen.

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Post by admin » Wed Oct 06, 2004 7:34 am

[quote]Haiti has been and continues to be systematically terrorised by a particular set of white supremacist world powers. [/quote]
Given that set of circumstances, how should Haiti fight back in practical terms? Of course, you realize that we could lament until doomsday about white supremacist powers and still have no clue about how to fight back.

Should the strategy to undo the white supremacist powers be held in secrecy (I do not think it can) or should it be open sourced? What is the literature today that offers a course of action or counteraction, beyond an evaluation of the effects of global racism?

Who is leading the fight in actual terms? What are the goals? Are they concrete and measurable? What has been accomplished up to this point? (a hopeful question aiming to elicit a vision where we are not in full retreat)

How CAN Haitians join or lead in the fight?
How WILL Haitians join or lead in the fight?
How SHOULD Haitians join or lead in the fight?

It may be David vs. Goliath. But David won the fight. He won the fight and did so not by contemplating how terrifically strong Goliath was, not by praying his God to deliver him from evil, but by discovering Goliath's weaknesses and exploiting them.

When, where, and how do we do that?

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