Reacting to Empress's comments on Bill Cosby

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Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Thu Sep 16, 2004 2:58 am

Nekita, Nekita, Nekita,

I know that we are too far apart, therefore I cannot HUG you or kisss you, my sister, my blood...

Anyway, very eloquently you've said what a lot of us could not articulate before.

Thanks, we Need you very much!


Empress Verite

Post by Empress Verite » Sun Sep 19, 2004 10:44 pm

OH Nekita,

Nekita maybe you should write in Kreyol or the French that you learned from the Mere from Lalu. Please learn to contextualize your comments as I am a social scientist and I know how to count. A Hooked on Phonics is approximately $299.00 and no one I know owns a pair of sneakers or a shirt that costs that much. I buy or a good friend or relative buys my children shoes every couple of years from Payless "buy one and get one free". These usually cost $9.99 a pair. I also know no Haitian or black person who owns a car that cost more than they pay in rent unless they went to the car dealership and paid no money down as many dealerships allow you to do in many cities across the US and they repossess the car for non payment after 5-6 months. I've done that twice and you can lift my credit report to see that. It was no cost to me except to give me bad credit. And just so you know we got the cars from HAITIAN car dealers who were willi
ng to give us a break for awhile. Unfortunately due to profiling the likes of which you have not seen or experienced we are unemployed and underemployed and so folks like me can never afford to pay all of our bills. As far as books are concerned I'm very positive that I probably own more than you and that I've paid for more than you with student loans and work study funds and credit cards that now my collection is up to about 1500 not counting my children's holdings. In addition, Amazon has my name and account since it became a popular place for purchasing books. At this time, I cannot afford to buy these items or subscribe to newspapers that cost $52 a year or journals that I used to pay for but which I can no longer afford since I have no money.

When you and all your other look alike Lalu type of Haitians drop off from the face of this good planet to travel back to where you come from (your kind of human being) than I'm sure that I'll be able to buy all of these things and better quality ones to
o because our world will have better things to report to write about and the consumer will demand it.

I truly do not mean to insult you at all but you are hurting an entire group of people over a costly pair of sneakers that I have never in my entire life met a black person who owns an Air Jordan, or a whatever you want to call them. These folks are in the serious minority. The black folks that I've met are so competitive in school and in business and they are so cheap! Tell me that they buy food items with their money and I will believe you. This is why we have to fight corporations like Mikie Ds and Burger King for stealing our health and underpaying their workers etc... and you can include KFC in it too.

And by the way there are cheaper versions of HOOKED ON PHONICS and they are just as effective if you are willing to do the leg work and research. Time requirements that are not acceptable to the privileged workers of these United Snakes of Amerikkka. So next time that you want to present f
acts about the so-called purchases or the consumer products that black folks buy please give us the numbers in full so that we can discuss them at length. Don't skew the issues because if you really want to solve and resolve the problems then we can work towards that. However, I am feeling that your intent is to intimidate as you have been DEVASTATED in their babywrong sh--stem! Stop the assault and start to consult your social science books on the issue.

Do not compare Irish, Asian immigrants to Haitian immigrants unless you want to make a point about RACISM. This is the only issue that is relevant in these comparisons. Last time I heard from you in a private email via Corbett, you were studying Religion, perhaps you should stick to that and to saving the folks who have been abused by these so-called religious workers. Nekita where is the goodness for real? Stop judging and start asking. When I have a buck I pay my rent so that my children don't have to go to a homeless shelter but when I was paid
you would have me buy a Haitian Studies Journal or the Haitian Times that barely cover the issues that I have to deal with in my community or as ME. The $100 that I save would pay for weeks of diapers and groceries and even childcare and forget about my healthcare.

Haitians have a long way to go and the first step has got to be to stop this self hatred that some of us find so comforting. And while you are at it, address sexual abuse and consumerism from a religious perspective please. I strive not to take your criticisms to heart or personally but we have got to become more constructive about what we say and who we say it to and who we say it about. For example, the only Haitian person that I know who is in a position to buy such expensive clothing items is Wyclef Jean and his buddies; everyone else buys at 2nd hand stores or the Payless when we can every couple of years.

Finally, Bill Cosby has been shut down by real academics studying the issues that he criticizes poor black folks for. I ho
pe that we can discuss these too. Don't just respond to him because he is rich, black and famous. There are lots of other folks with similar characteristics such as Will Smith who are saying stuff in the media about black folks like how we need to fight AIDS and Magic Johnson who implores the rich blacks to fight poverty but no one is paying attention. Why is that??

Please don't respond to my post unless you have something constructive and/or academic to add.

Empress Verite

Post by Empress Verite » Tue Sep 21, 2004 7:59 am

Dear Nekita,

I always read what you write at first because I was curious about your name. I've read your stuff on Corbett and on this forum and you seem very concerned about Haitians in Boston. I saw one elected official, a black Haitian woman who was a guest on the Frontline/Avant Garde show in Miami with Representative Philippe Brutus and Marc Villain. In addition, I am aware of the many Haitian scholars per capita in Mass, more than in most places in the djaspora with doctorates and teaching positions at colleges and universities. Check out Wesleyan, MIT and Tuffs. I'm sure that you know them already.

Sometimes perception leads us to the wrong conclusions. In South Florida there are many Haitian politricksters who just say stuff to rally the troops and make people feel good and that's all. I've written to most of them about my problems and experiences and they don't care to help me. I used to write to Gerard latortue when h
e hosted a show on the Haitian Television Network. He has not helped me either. These folks are out for themselves and they will only take on cases or folks who will encourage media attention.

I'm sorry if I insulted you or implied that you were not academic. Like I said, I read your articles and I know of your academic (at least some) achievements. I also respect your outspokenness about the apathy of the Haitians in Boston about education, reading etc...

However, I do take issue with general statements that seem to lump a group of people together (primarily the working poor or unemployed poor) (of which I am unfortunately a member). In my humble opinion this is dangerous. While a few misguided section 8 or ghetto residents may have expensive clothes items and furniture instead of books and learning materials I strongly feel that this is not the lived reality of the majority. And we need to focus on this to encourage these do-gooders who are striving to better themselves. Also, some consumer e
xperts will tell you that conspicuous consumption has its place in immigrant culture and there is available data out there.

I also forgot to mention that I am aware of the work of the folks from the Haitian Studies Association with education and so forth in Boston. Have you worked with them? They seemed dedicated and involved.

I felt a personal blow by the comments from Bill Cosby because I lived in Philadelphia and I did not see any of his efforts to make his old neighborhood a better place. I also know that he is not an expert.

The buying power of Haitians in South Florida is estimated at close to $1billion US! That's a lot of money. However, most of it probably goes to rent and food. We don't own enough real estate because there is a lot of profiling in that and with ethnic succession, brown and white hispanics are replacing the whites and then African Americans, Anglophone West Indians and then Gays or Homosexuals and then Haitians. So it will be a long time before we become like
the Cubans and accumulate the wealth and power that they have even though we follow them in numbers. They have race capital that is so crucial and so hard to overcome. Also, unlike the Asians our money does not circulate nearly 10 times in our communities before leaving. This is primarily because we don't own many of where we live, work, and do business. Hopefully this will change within the next few decades. It's a very depressing situation and I want to concentrate on how we can empower our people and create strong individuals, not weary ones who are helpless, hopeless.

Take good care and get some shut eye.

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