Bush, Kerry or Nader who is better for Haitians?

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Empress Verite

Bush, Kerry or Nader who is better for Haitians?

Post by Empress Verite » Wed Sep 15, 2004 3:39 am

Haitians in the United States who vote this November must decide what issues are the most important to them. For me there are a few they are as follows: Education, Unemployment, the economy, The war (s), Homeland Security and Profiling, Health Care, Affirmative Action and Immigration. These are issues that I care about because the quality of my life depends on how these issues are dealt with by whatever administration is in charge of the US government. When the Democrats are in power, I am better off in terms of trying to accomplish my educational goals. Even though the current minister of education, Mr. Page is an African American man, he has not done enough to reach out to the black community. In fact it seems to me by the numbers of close friends and contemporaries who entered graduate school in the past decade and a half that we are not fulfilling our goals. We are sorely underrepresented in gra
duate programs due to attacks on affirmative action and the hostile environment in many of these institutions. As a result we have very few replacing our white color professionals who may belong to the baby boomer generation.

Unemployment continues to plague our communities and black folks are overly represented in unemployment polls. For instance, while the national average is acceptable even for a 1st world industrialized country, that of African Americans or blacks in the US is twice somewhere near 11%. This is outrageous because we know that unemployment is a disease that affects our entire life. I have read studies that show a strong correlation between unemployment and domestic violence an issue that is of serious concern to Haitians. The economy is another major issue that we Haitians have to consider we need to figure out who will give us the best for our buck. For example, many Haitians own small businesses and although GW or the "shrub" as a Republican supports businesses we need to ask does
he or will he give the incentives that will benefit our specific kinds of businesses. One relevant issue here is import and export materials which are being stopped at the borders. Homeland security has tightened regulations on ports making it hard for many imports from other countries primarily so-called 3rd world ones to enter the US because they do not meed the safety standards. Other products that we tend to sell such as prepared foods are lucrative when folks have discretionary income and in an economy with high unemployment especially in our communities these avenues may not be profitable.

Homeland security began to profile black folks since its inception. Backed by John Ashcroft's justification that Al Quaeda may be using Haiti as a port to enter the US, places such as Miami and South Florida at large became a big target and home base for Homeland Security. Therefore, Haitian immigrants are targeted more than usual, ergo the lenghtier stays at the Krome detention center. And the fact that the
young refugees detained since the crisis a couple of years ago have not been released even though the Guantanamo Bay detainees have begun to see a relief.

Lastly, the issue of health care, it seems to me that we need a nationalized health care system that provides for everyone including not yet processed immigrants. This will be more cost effective. In addition, we need to stop GW from helping incompetent health care providers from getting away with committing crimes. GW wants to put a limit on how much one can sue a doctor when this supposed professional makes a mistake that may cause death or permanent damage. My life and abilities are very important to me and I give thanks for them every day. I have also been around health care providers who are racist, sexist, ethnocentric and who look down on those who may be from a less economically privileged background than them. These feelings lead to many problems in caring for the patient and black folks are most likely to receive incompetent and incompl
ete care as many studies have found. As Haitians, we are affected by these issues in a huge way and we need to pay attention to how they are dealt with by the parties.

Finally, as a consumer I have to advocate for quality product and service. I hate spending my hard earned dollars on products that are less than I expect and often times there is no recourse. I also hate receiving less than stellar customer service. And unfortunately, as blacks and as immigrants we are most likely to live in areas where inferior quality products are sold and where the service is unacceptable.

I am not advocating voting for any one of the candidates but I hope that we can identify the issues that are most important for us in this election so that we can vote for them. The war in the middle east was part of GW's platform. He would have gone to war in the middle east whether 9/11 happened or not. And in my opinion 9/11 was planned and it was co-directed by the US and Al Quaeda. Michael Moore outlined many intimate
connections between GW and the Bin Laden clan. And now GW is preparing to attack countries in Asia. If re-selected the Bush administration will take us to war again and I wonder if we can survive another one?

Finally, which administration will deal best with the situation in Ayiti? I personally do not like what is going on in Ayiti right now at all. I feel that many of our institutions should be nationalized to give poor folks a chance at having access. By privatizing we invite foreign capital and laissez faire which will kill our workers. In addition, privatizing our institutions creates an elite class which Haitian society cannot afford now or ever. We must commit to destroying class hierarchies that plague our nation and culture. We have to move forward with equality and a sense of togetherness based on shared history and common goal. Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite!

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