Bush's Policy Returns the Predators to Haiti

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Bush's Policy Returns the Predators to Haiti

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Sharing with "Ann Pale" visitors this letter of grave concern from journalist and human rights activist Kevin Pina:

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Subject: Bush's Policy Returns the Predators to Haiti

Dear Friends,

As I write this, Haiti's former military is being allowed by the Bush administration and the United Nations to return to power. While the U.S. and U.N. have been quite effective in backing the current regime and its police in arresting and persecuting members of the Lavalas political party, they have done absolutely nothing to challenge the former military and their allies from seizing and controlling territory in Haiti. The summary executions, political murders, brutal repression and corruption in the areas they control are a mere foreshadowing of what daily
life will look like in the country if they are allowed to resume their traditional role in Haitian society.

I offer this background piece I wrote November 5, 2003 and the accompanying photographic evidence of the barbarity of the predatory institution that was and will always be the Forces Armee de Haiti (FADH). The photos are a testimony to the countless victims of FADH following the coup of 1991. When this web page first appeared I was accused of being nostalgic and an alarmist by my detractors. The current reality in Haiti has proven otherwise. The web page can be accessed at:


More recently, word has surfaced of a massacre committed by the FADH in collusion with other paramilitaries in the town of Belledere in 2002. One of the names of the murderers stands out, Remicinthe Ravix, whose name has begun appearing in the press as a top commander coordinating FADH's strategy of resurgence. Remicinthe was in charge of their recent operation wh
ere they seized the towns of Ti Goave and Hinche driving out the local police and ushering in a campaign of terror. The Brazilian forces under the U.N. assembled a larger force and drove to the outskirts of Ti Goave only to mysteriously withdraw before entering the town and abandoning the population to these criminals. The murderous nature of Remicinthe and what the population is currently being subjected to can be clearly seen in the massacre he led at Belledere. The story with photos can be accessed at :


These developments are clearly a tragedy and a direct result of the Bush administration's policy in Haiti today. I urge you to circulate this information widely and help to sensitize others to the living nightmare Haiti has become for her citizens since the forced ouster of President Aristide on February 29, 2004. A reality in which terror and death have become synonymous with U.S. sponsored "democracy" and "nation building" in Haiti.

Kevin Pina

Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Thu Sep 09, 2004 6:31 am

Maybe that is what we need: the resurfacing of those thugs for the Revolution to be really complete. For people to be in a no-win situation, then they would be awakened, Christophe and Dessalines would be raised from the dead.

Maybe... it is the final call for a real Revolution in Haiti. Where the masses would use a different type of defensive devices.

Maybe... it is time for people to realize that there is no civil rights, no legal rights in Haiti, but the Haitian rights which only spell by spilling the blood of those thugs.

Words don't work anymore, it's been proven...

Maybe... another 4 years for this administration in the U.S., that is what people need to manifest their anger. For the poor U.S. soldiers to realize they're fighting for the Freedom of Halliburton and other big companies' pockets...

Sometimes, things happen for a reason in life. Maybe... we can have the Haiti that everyone dreamed of.

Let them come out, show their faces. We can really know the real enemies of the Nation.

Maybe... people in Haiti would finally realize that one can be very powerful, but they have to eat, drink and sleep???

Maybe... Haiti needed the Coup d'etat for the final clean up of thugs who killed their sons and brothers.

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