Latortue takes on critics

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Post by admin » Tue Aug 24, 2004 11:38 am

Very interesting article, indeed. I especially liked the part where the de facto PM says: "We understand the emotion created by that [the sham trial of 'freedom fighters' Chamblain and Joanis], but we cannot do anything."

The Prime Minister appears to have found religion in the technicalities of Haitian Law, when it comes to delivering on justice (or rather the most blatant forms of injustice), while EVERYTHING ELSE has been carried out extra-judicially and extra-constitutionally.

Now consider the following statements:

"We have a government that is committed to law and order, a government that is in favor of total inclusion of all Haitians."

"what we want is the most popular man to be elected."

"Hope is coming back to Haitians. And they realize that we're a government that's functioning under the rule of l

OK, I am not going to comment further. When one chooses to live in puppetland or fantasyland, one has to learn to speak the language of that land. Haiti's PM is an excellent learner. Bravo, Latortue!

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