Venezuelans give a historic lesson in democracy

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Venezuelans give a historic lesson in democracy

Post by admin » Tue Aug 17, 2004 9:06 pm


The Venezuelan people have given a historic lesson in democracy

THIS August 15 the Venezuelan people gave the world a historic lesson in the exercise of true democracy and national sovereignty.

For the eighth time in five years, President Hugo Chávez has received the overwhelming majority support of his people. It has been undisputedly demonstrated that his government today has unquestionable legitimacy, in sharp contrast with the crisis – due to lack of popular support and moral authority – currently being suffered by several Latin American presidents, all of them subject to the formulas of the United States and the International Monetary Fund.

The mass attendance by Venezuelans at the polls was a veritable example of participation and commitment without pre
cedent in Venezuela and in many countries of the region.

The referendum was a great popular victory in which broad sectors of Venezuelan society, traditionally excluded from the exercise of their political rights, implemented their will for the first time.

This event was preceded by a massive registration drive for new voters and the transparent reorganization of the electoral lists at a time when in Latin America and in the world, a high degree of majority abstention is common, as is frequent electoral fraud.

It was an ordered, verifiable and clean process, in which the potential for fraud was excluded and which included all the conditions necessary to ensure reliability and a sound outcome. The National Electoral Council (NEC) acted with acknowledged integrity, effectiveness and flexibility in order to respond to the mass nature of the vote.

After eight elections or plebiscites, this referendum has once more established that the Bolivarian process is profound and undoubtedly par
ticipatory, and is establishing new and higher precedents for systems considered democratic.

The staunchest critics of Venezuela will have to admit that they do not have institutions that are even similar, and that their governments would not survive a similar referendum.

Preliminary results from the NEC, just four hours after closing a significant number of polling stations, disclosed 4,991,483 votes, or 58.2% of the 8,568,000 ballots cast – a 17-point lead over the opposition – giving a resounding “NO!” to the question of whether the constitutional president of Venezuela should be recalled.

Using ambiguities and threats, the opposition rapidly orchestrated a media show, in which it was unable to provide a single piece of evidence to level accusations of fraud against the National Electoral Council or the clearly ratified president of Venezuela. Afterwards, it mobilized paltry demonstrations and irresponsibly convened people to acts of civil disobedience.

They are the same opposi
tion groups, violent, subversive and fascist in nature, that failed first in a military coup and then in the oil coup, both of them quashed by the Venezuelan people.

However, many international observers, among them former President Carter and the secretary general of the OAS, corroborated the results and called for them to be observed.

The Cuban government expresses warm solidarity greetings to President Chávez and to the Venezuelan government and people for this brilliant and glorious outcome, which renews the hope that every day, the dreams of Bolívar and Martí are continuing to become a reality in Venezuela and in Our America.

Havana, August 16, 2004

Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Wed Aug 18, 2004 5:02 am

Hugo Chavez was a former officer in the Venezuelian Army who had the opportunity to be with the opposition and make tons of money.
Instead, he sided with the people of Venezuela knowing very well that he can and will be persecuted by the USA and the opposition.
That man with the help of the great people of CUBA put his soul in EDUCATION And HEALTH CARE for the poor.
I would like to know what is wrong with that, America? What is wrong with that mr bush?
Are you afraid of this Venezuelian HERO, cause you 're a big ZERO...
I Know gwb is going to try something else if he gets reelected. Well, Venezuela is not Haiti. Chavez is not Aristide. The latter made a big mistake of excluding a lot of his close friends, but Chavez didn't.

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Post by admin » Thu Aug 19, 2004 11:46 pm

Opozisyon deja di ke se nan kòken Chavez genyen. Se konsi se menm evènman Ayiti yo mwen wè kap plede repete nan Venezuela. Antouka, annou swete pèp Venezuela la pa nan rizib ak betizè.

Mwen salye Hugo Chavez ak pèp vanyan Venezwelyen an! Mete fòs enperyalis yo kanpe lwen.

Guy S. Antoine

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