Family of murdered American Haitian needs your help

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Family of murdered American Haitian needs your help

Post by JustinFelux » Wed Jun 23, 2004 7:30 pm

Some of you probably already know this.. but I am plastering this generic message all across the internet. Please take up the cause.

Cassey Auguste, a 22-year-old American citizen, was murdered in Haiti on March 3rd by members of the "Gonaives Resistance Front," a group whose human rights abuses have been given covert support and tacit approval by the Bush administration. I had the chance to talk to Natasha Michaud, Cassey's sister. She and her family are currently in Brooklyn, where Cassey grew up. They are desperate and traumatized by these events. They have been ignored by the U.S. media, the U.S. embassy, and the State Department.

I would ask that you all PLEASE just take five or ten minutes of your time to help get this famly's story out. Here are some links where you can learn more:
.org/June04/Felux0621.htm ... 2304.shtml ... temID=5532

Send this information to the news media. Urge them to cover the story. Here is a useful list of contacts--send it to all of them:,,,,,,,,,,

Contact your government officials and ask them why they are stonewalling this family's search for justice:

Ambassador James B. Foley U.S. Embassy, Port-au-Prince, Haiti phone: 509.223.7011 or 509.222.0200 fax: 509.223.9665 email:

State Dept. WHA Press & Public Affairs Advisor Gonzalo R. Gallegos: 202-647-4252

State Dept. WHA Deputy Press & Public Affairs Officer Robert Zimmerman 202-647-0842

Contact your repres
entatives in Congress through and

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