Questions about Dany Toussaint

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Questions about Dany Toussaint

Post by JustinFelux » Mon Jun 14, 2004 8:37 am

I think it is pretty uncontroversial at this point that Dany Toussaint is a tool of the CIA. In fact I think he was probably a tool from the very beginning. He received training at the infamous SOA in Fort Benning in the 1980s. Many of Haiti's most notorious killers have also been through Fort Benning.

Although he fled during the 1991 coup, Toussaint was still FAd'H, which ought to automatically cast suspicion on him.In 1994 he was being pushed by Washington as one of Haiti's new leaders. Even if he wasn't completely bought out by Washington at that point, it is obvious that Washington saw him as a man that might be useful to them in the future.

Aristide and Toussaint were supposedly close friends and advisors to one another. Does anyone know to what extent their relationship was real and to what extent it was a forced arrangment on the part of Washington?

know that the CIA has made several overtures toward Toussaint over the years. He has obviously been serving their interests as of late by aligning himself with Guy Philippe and the rest of the neo-Duvalierists.

It also seems uncontroversial at this point that he and his thugs were behind the murder of Jean Dominique as well as other assassinations. These actions (especially the Dominique murder) helped fortify opposition to Lavalas and put the international spotlight on the Aristide regime in a very negative way. This was probably the intended effect.

I have been going through old posts on the Corbett list and I see Kevin Pina and others defending Dany Toussaint around the time of the Dominique assassination. I wonder what they would say now that he has switched sides.

If you ask me, he was a questionable character to be involved in Lavalas from the very beginning, and by 2000 he was probably thoroughly co-opted by Washington, but at that point was too powerful for Aristide to stan
d up to him.

Does anyone see anything wrong with what I've said? I can only read English, so my sources of information about Haiti are limited. But to me, it seems like Toussaint and other members of Lavalas were co-opted by Washington as part of a "divide and conquer" strategy (this is something they employ everywhere, even against their domestic enemies).

Does anyone know of anything else that might link Toussaint or other allegedly pro-Aristide people to Washington? A lot of attention has been paid to U.S. support of the opposition and the rebels, but not as much attention has been paid to the fact that some of the troublemakers in Lavalas and the OPs may also be tools of Washington.

These things are always cited as evidence of the alleged brutality of Aristide and his party, but to me they just look like the other side of the destabilization campaign.

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