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A true story and questions

Posted: Tue Jun 08, 2004 8:25 pm
I will tell you a true story and raise a few questions.

Coming from church, Mrs. Charles spots a very beautiful young girl sitting on the steps crying uncontrollably and looking very pitiful. A good-hearted woman she invites the girl to come with her. After feeding her, she asks her what is troubling her so much. The young girl, Josette, has a sad story to tell. She had been staying with this very respectable and well-known people in town. The “Monsieur” of the house was raping her every time he felt like it. One night, the lady of the house surprised them and threw Josette in the streets.

Mrs. Charles felt sorry and took Josette with her. She contacts Josette family in the countryside to tell them that she is in good hands. Josette is happy for a while. Mrs. Charles and her kids love her. She attends night school and is learning how to read. A couple of weeks later, Josette starts getting morning sickness… She is pregnant and, with tears in her eyes, has to return to her family.
  • What is wrong with this picture?
  • Was that story about sex or about abuse of power?
  • What are the solutions to the rape problem in Haiti?
  • How do economic deprivation, lack of education and institutionalized injustice come into play?
  • What class of women is the most victimized?
  • Do women have representation in Government?
  • How can women in general and the rape victims in particular be empowered to be self-sufficient and defend themselves?
  • What changes in Education, Social Services, Judicial System, Legislation… would be helpful?
  • Are the societal structures in existence responsible for violence against women? [/*:m]
It is up to each and every one of us to think abo
ut this problem and about possible solutions. As long as we have a system where only a few privileged people control the majority and dictate the rules, there will be no respect for human rights, no equality, no just society.

Let us say NO to ignorance, oppression, exploitation, poverty and exclusion of the majority.

Let us say YES to education, representation, social changes and justice for all.

Long live the struggles of the Haitian people!

My deepest respect and admiration for the courage and resilience of Haitian women!

Viv Ayiti.