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Posted: Tue Jun 01, 2004 12:42 pm
by admin
Brother Ernst Delma,

I have read your letter to His Excellency and while I share your doubt that your correspondence would ever reach his hands, I am even more assured that my critique of your letter WILL NOT. So allow me to quote from your letter, liberally:

[quote]Your function of president of the oldest democracy of the New World entitles you to have a word on democracy wherever it is threatened by chronic malevolence[/quote]
If the source of this chronic malevolence is none other than the government of the United States of America, then the above statement would be comparable to granting a slave master the definitive word on social justice, a serial rapist the last word on gender equality. That being said, we need perhaps to examine in depth the source of this "chronic malevolence" against participatory democracy in developing countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean community.

[quote]I believe - should you falter to be a good president for the world - you are at least a great president for the United States of America[/quote]
I don't have the pretense to command the judgement of History, but suffice to say that a reading of recent polls places your favorable assessment of George Bush's presidency in an incredibly shrinking camp.

[quote]I wouldn't take the initiative to insinuate US involvement in our political hardship[/quote]
Why would you not? Is it perhaps because US involvement in our political hardship is just a fairy tale? That Brian Dean Curran and James Foley have just been choir boys for Haitian sovereignty? That the World Bank and International Financial Institutions have not perfectly aligned their financing operations to the political objectives of a government bent on imposing a world order that deepens the chasm between rich and poor, the exploiters of the world's resources and the exploited, the privileged and underprivileged of the last 500 years? That the United States has been on the side of democracy in Haiti at any time in our 200 years of illusory independence? That it would be too much of a stretch... to "insinuate US involvement in our political hardship"?

[quote]If terrorists have the nerves to attack the heart of the world as they did on September 11 2001, nothing is left to humans as hope[/quote]
To HUMANS????? Would these include the hopeful people of Chili in 1973, the hopeful people of Cambodia prior to 1975, the hopeful people of Haiti in 1991, the hopeful people of post-Somoza Nicaragua, the hopeful Palestinian people (et j'en passe)? Does September 11 2001 symbolize the end of THEIR hope... and if it does, isn't it worth asking why far more calamitous tragedies have failed to extinguish hope in the manner elicited by September 11 (2001!) ?

[quote]As you were prompted to debark American soldiers in I
raq to signify to whoever shows no respect for human lives that you mean business against any form of aggression to democracy,[/quote]
NO RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIVES (clearly evidenced at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo)... AGGRESSION TO DEMOCRACY (as demonstrated in Chile, Grenada, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Haiti, ALL OF LATIN AMERICA really)... yeah, man, American soldiers are always ready to debark anywhere in the world in defense of freedom, democracy, and human rights... OU KOUPE SOUF MWEN! And this "good president for the world" would deserve the Nobel Peace Prize if that were prestigious enough for His Excellency. I think he deserves better...

[quote]It was great of you to prove to builders of weapons of mass destruction that the world deserves better than their disdainful and destructive autocracy, prove as well that democratic pursuit all abroad is in your government agenda.[/quote]
Yes, we indeed had to disappear the builders of SVWMD's
(suddenly vanished weapons of mass destruction) and leave alone the builders of NTAWMD's and NTAWPD's (not talked about weapons of mass destruction and not talked about weapons of palestinian destruction) as the latter represent a much lesser danger for humanity "as the US government perceives it"... perhaps "as we perceive it?"

"The world deserves better than their disdainful and destructive autocracy," you say... and you are right! That's exactly what people are saying the world over.

[quote]I'd like to implore you to stand for democracy, for the survival of the first black Republic in the world...without making allusion to trade and industry, to geopolitical location, or to the exclusive interest of the United States.[/quote]
To implore (the emperor) for democracy (what about imploring God or is HE/SHE too far away to hear our prayers and we must therefore genuflect in front of George W. and beg for divine mercy) - OR - TO VOTE THE RASCAL OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE? I am keeping my choice a secret... bet you can't tell what it is!

[quote]In this perspective, you will be the dignified follower...of Abraham Lincoln who has made of government, a servant of democracy, a field of blossoming humility to put money and supremacy in view of the rehabilitation of the humblest ones.[/quote]
WOW... "a field of blossoming humility" (if I did not already know that you were a poet, I would now be convinced)... and of course, George W. Bush has been a picture of blossoming humility... he is using money (the highest deficit in U.S. History) and supremacy (of the shock and awe variety) to rehabilitate the humblest of Haiti's poor and of the oppressed in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Jewish settlements of Palestinian homelands.

There's a dignified follower of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln! Would it be too inconvenient to recall that George Washington was a slave owner? That Abraham Lincoln regarded Blacks as inferior and that he wished that they would simply go back to Africa after he "gloriously emancipated them" from the bondage of Southern plantations? But, of course, who could accuse the Bushes of racial bias...didn't they give us Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice?

[quote]You have made history before the tribunal of History by your firm stands against terrorism[/quote]
"Making history", in the present, before the "tribunal of History" is no small feat, when that history has yet to be written... when the 9/11 Commission has yet to release its findings... when presidential testimony is given "in collaboration with the Halliburton VIP", NOT under oath, and UN-RECORDED...

Could the Tribunal of History fail, indeed, to reward such historical legislation as the Patriot Act, the deliberate use of terrorist tactics against suspected terrorists, the scornful and absolute refusal to submit to the authority of an International Court of Justice, the arming/training and unleashing of "freedom fighters" against a popularly elected president, the bypassing of the United Nations to wage war "against world terrorists", the establishment of an Axis of Evil, the "You Are Either With Us Or Against Us" doctrine of neverending war backed up by the greatest military force the World Has Ever Known and financed by the largest "record-federal-surplus-turned-to-record-federal-deficit" budget in History? Could the Tribunal of History fail to recognize such earthshaking achievements? No, I do not think so. Yes, George W. is making history. He may yet make history out of all of us.

[quote]please make history by rendering the Haitian people's aspiration to democracy through economic development a permanent and definitive one [/quote]
Ah! but don't you see that the "Washington Consensus", that is the twin neoliberal programs of privatization and globalization for sub-world economies and dependent democracies, is precisely what the President of the United States is pursuing? Never fear, my friend!

[quote]Your reaction to the excellence of your presidential duty will be your testimony before posterity, and you'll be able to visualize the praise of Universal History as the one who has irreversibly changed world Historical structure by definitely helping to implant democracy wherever it stays a refractory expectation.[/quote]
I can't breathe... honestly, I can't breathe. I intended to have one Last Word, but your concluding paragraph leaves me speechless.

A perplexed brother,
Guy S Antoine