A conspiracy or not?

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A conspiracy or not?

Post by Ezili Danto » Fri May 14, 2004 1:40 am

When will the sun come up for Black?

One e respe la sosyete;

Sometime ago, I wrote on the Corbett List that the major media's were only interested in State Department propaganda about President Aristide and the lives and rights of opposition demonstrators because they were not reporting the deaths of Lavalas. In fact, in January, AP and Reuters where reporting pro-opposition deaths at demonstrations (remember Apaid's rush to hospitals to claim bodies for U.S. news and camera consumption?) that where really pro-Lavalas deaths.

I also wrote about the financing by the Republicans of phony civil society fronts in Haiti solely to destabilize the elected government. I wrote about IRI, NED, European Union, USAID and US Embassy creating, managing and funding the opposition as well as pushing at the cracks and existing social divisions in Haiti for their own purposes. I wrote how the major news media, World Ban
k, IMF, IRI, NED, European Union, all were pushing policies and agendas to topple Haitian self-rule and development.

Someone from the Corbett List said I was exaggerating, spreading conspiracy theories to be exact.

My question today is how is it possible that, to date, not ONE major news media, including the wire services, have reported that on May 10, 2004, four children ages 5, 7, 12 14 where hooded and manacled, in the dead of night, by U.S. soldiers during the arrest of Annette Auguste ("So Ann)? That So Ann, this 69 year old, well-known Lavalas supporter was arrested, violently and as if the U.S. was at war with Haiti. How come not one major news agency covered this arrest, as they did, let's say the Jodel Chamblain charade. Why did Chamblain, a convicted criminal, get to be walked into prison, but So Anne, who has never been convicted of anything, never shot any Haitian in broad daylight, gets the "show of force" treatment from the U.S. military? No legal warrants, no walk to jail for La
valas supporters suspected of crimes? Why?

How is it possible to date, not one major news media has reported on this brutal midnight raid and arrest? This hooding and manacling of Black children?

How is that possible in this world?

What does journalism mean these days? Are all the major news outlets so "embedded" with the U.S. military and Bush State Department that only their press release are fed to U.S. citizens as "news?"

Thousands of Lavalas supporters are dead. No major news reporting it. Yet, when the small opposition - who couldn't win an election even today in Haiti, unless the masses where brought to the poles at gunpoint - when the big-business-in-Haiti people were demonstrating against the Aristide/Neptune government, that was always NEWS.

For the record, I write this because I can see already how the Powers-That-Be will someday foist it as the "Others" atrocity. This hood thing, I mean, is beyond perverse. Where did the CIA or whoever in the U.S. military ge
t this now all too visible habit?

For "the other," that is, for me and mines, I want on record today that Haitians DID NOT start this hooded perversity of torture. I say this because as a student of history, I know how white people love their spotless self-image, and to project all negative and dark things on Black people and Peoples of Color.

For instance, just as it was Whites in the U.S. who started scalping Native Americans, (for cashing in bounties on their heads) and then they passed it off as something the Native Americans do because of "their innate barbarity!"

The way I see it, the examples are too numerous to go into further. But knowing how white "barbarity" is generally projected upon us Blacks peoples of the world I want to say now and very particularly, let history quickly record before it can be passed off as, either a Black or Iraqi practice, that it is White Americans, White soldiers like the one's who brutalized So Anne's house in Haiti and the ones caught-on-tape to
rturing Iraqi prisoners, it is their system/structure/military authorities, that/who initiated this hooding of prisoners for torture and interrogation purposes. I don't want to read tomorrow, when the major news medias wakes up, for whatever their embedded purposes might then be, that HAITIANS STARTED this "hooding and manacling" horror. The "Haitians started the aids illness" is enough bull to shovel, thank you very much. We've got enough on our hands. Own your perversity yourself.

This, unspeakable, murderous way to treat defenseless people, (including babychildren in Haiti) ALREADY in their custody did not start with Blacks. Get that straight. None of this hood thing was anywhere in Haiti before Feb. 29, 2004. It wasn't until the U.S. military and their imperialist U.S. armed proxies let loose from the Dominican Republic, got to Haiti that these thousands of people with black plastic bags and hands tied behind their backs started showing up at the Port-au-Prince morgue. We don't own those sort
of resources neither, thank you very much. It's been imported. Yeah, like USAID rice. Then, we have the May 10th embarrassment, evidencing U.S. military soldiers using their own equipment themselves, not through Chamblain or Philippe and the likes, themselves.

No Haitian indigenous militia has ever been so perverse. Let that be recorded in history.

Some of course are thinking but "the Republican party is integrated", no? Why don't you also address yourself to oily Condi Rice, ever-gentlemanly Colin Powell, and our Kofi Annan, Latortue, Apaid? They've sanctioned "Regime Change" in Haiti. They all are now looking away from the genocide against the mass voters too. "For the better of Haiti" - that is. Why don't you ask why Powell hasn't come out and condemn this treatment by the U.S. military, this stuff is certainly not in the mission statement we feed to the U.S. public? Because, as I've written ad nauseum, Category Zero, such as Powell, Rice, Latortue, Åpaid are all disposable. They live
and breathe for their connection with 'white culture, white power, white approval, white job, white society - that's their jobs. Their integration into the structures that oppresses me and mines is done to ussuage any anxieties about that structures. Their buffers like free blacks and Affranchis were in the days of slavery. Just because there were a few establishment blacks doing slavery time don't mean chattel slavery was less a holocaust visited upon humanity by the Western European tribes.

Category Zero serve them, not us. Colin Powell, Annan, Apaid, house butlers who ease the masters anxieties about their own racism and inhumanity. Powell, Rice, Annan, Apaid, Latortue, are define by their "white job", "white life" - they are loved like pets are. They are there to convince the swing vote it's ok to be against social evolution and progressive development. See, these Blacks (to be Black to them means progressive in this context) work against their Black communities interests. So, it's ok for us t
o do so too.

Category Zeros are dangerous because they will sell you out in a quick New York minute and tell you it was a balancing between principle and interests. And principles have no real weight to them.

Gotta stop. For, to even think of their colonized illness is to come up sick yourself. The Black neocons/mercenaries responsible for this genocide in Haiti are also so, so pitiful. Their delusion, pretensiousness is only surpassed by white domination's propagated self-construct. Powell, Rice, Ånnan, Apaid and the rest of the Black economic elites of this world accepted to live on their knees a long time ago. They know they are the disposable pets of the Powers-that-be. Latortue, in France right now, is running around, just as Powell on Capital Hill, serving at their whim. Let them once disagree with their bosses and you'll see how quickly they last.

I am more and more convinced, the longer I live that the white power structure is INSANE. When you isolate them and meet these pow
er-and- job-based people, they seem normal. They act as human beings to each other. But they don't relate as human beings to you and people who look like you! How is that possible? I have much conversation with them, they don't see what you see. Really, they don't. It's invisible to them. It's got to be a neurological problem.

What explains it? Perhaps it was living for generations upon generations with a population they enslaved and saw everyday but never saw our humanity as like theirs? Thus, the realities, the horrors (of 3,000 Haitians being killed in two months, for instance) that is so visible to us is invisible to them? If they don't look at it, it's not happening, is that it? For those suffering, and we Haitians know suffering, believe that! it is still so hurtful to see that they don't see you as a human being. Putting bags over our babies heads? Call me vulnerable, but no matter how many years you live with it, it still is incomprehensibly stark to exists in this world with them like

Manifest Destiny means white privilege and rule comes with this perfect delusion, which they reconfirm daily on TV and, with reporting only the news that fits their image of what they are. They've got this collective soul, this transmigrated energy that see itself as pure, white light, the CIVILIZING force moving through the world. Yet, they can manacle black babies in Haiti and hood them while the children are in their sleeping clothes and see not the inhumanity in that. In themselves. Their orders to do this. The silent genocide they've brought to Haiti in two months of their command there. Tomorrow, I'll read another major newsprint about how "stable' Haiti is now, post Aristide/Neptune. How just awful it is "these people" weren't ready for democracy and "we" have to help and help them, guide them, civilize them!

The horror of it all is just too difficult for sane human beings to absorb!

Thing is, they will someday soon get out of Iraq because of what the experience is d
oing to them, their spotless self-image. That perfect delusion. Never for what its done to the Iraqi people.

Witness, they need demons now to assure themselves of their purity. An election is coming up. What next Cuba? That tyrant who creates doctors to serve the under-served instead of torturers in this world? Have money, weapons, will pillage, hood and manacle. Rock on. Let's wipe out that Castro demon! It's the American thing to do.

Ezili Danto
Larouze fe banda toutan soley pa leve

See article on the Mother's Day midnight "show of force" in Haiti by U.S. soldiers reported to be terrorizing our poor neighborhoods in Haiti, while letting the rich, armed and ever sadistic Ninjas, the Guy Philippe and his bands, run free.


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