Haitian Jazz Festival in Miami!

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Haitian Jazz Festival in Miami!

Post by Liline » Wed Jun 07, 2006 4:25 pm

I'm not sure if you guys are aware of this or not, but the organizers of the Haitian Jazz Festival in NY have decided to do an encore in Miami in July :D

I can't tell you how excited I am!! :D Most of not all the performers of the one in NY will be coming out to perform, with some special guests, like Manno Charlemagne. Strings will also perform at the After Party.

If I can find the flyer, I'll put it up here (Guy willing of course). If I can't find it, I'll just give you the list of artists performing.

I hope anyone in the area will take this opportunity to check it out, specially if they missed the one in NY, like I did.

M vreman pa konn kote pou m met kò m telman m ap ret tann bagay sa! :D

If anyone is going, please let me know. I would love to meet them while down there :D

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