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Post by admin » Mon May 01, 2006 5:14 pm

"Quote" sa ou ekri pou kòmanse mesaj ou la, se mwen ki te ekri li. E mwen pa te ekri li nan "esye defòme tou sa ki di dabò".

Men nan ki kontèks presi, mwen te fè opsèvasyon sa:

[quote]I like a variety of Haitian musical genres. Currently the one that excites me the most is typically Haitian-American, the fusion of straight African-American Jazz with underlying themes of Haitian traditional music. Have you listened for instance to Buyu Ambroise and the Blues in Red Band's interpretation of such Haitian ballads or songs as "Kote moun yo", "Konviksyon", and other extraordinary soulful renditions? I am not going to try to convince anyone that is what they should be listening to, but through Winterludes, I can at least offer them the opportunity of listening to music that I like and personally selected for them. Are my choices purely subjective? You bet they are! They could not be anything but.

I once asked Gifrants about his perception of Konpa's role in Haitian culture. His answer was most interesting and was laid out over several posts. For some strange reason, however, he seemed to have made up his mind that since I asked the question, I must be a die-hard Konpa fan. I never understood how such conclusions can be reached so quickly, especially when he had previously never met me and did not know a thing about what I really like. But then again, if I happened to be a die-hard Konpa fan, I don't see what the mortal sin would be in that. It's just that I am not, and I do think that Konpa is overly represented in practically all Haitian music stores, to the detriment of other great Haitian musical traditions. I do hope that crass commercialism will not eventually kill them. This is why I strongly encourage everyone to support the independent music producers that they come across and that they enjoy. From what I hear, Michel Martelly is a multi-millionaire, so we will never have to worry about him and the few others who have reached comparable levels in popularity. But what about a Pierre-Rigaud Chéry (to cite only one) ... what about those soulful and extraordinarily talented musicians that never made a name for themselves because there was not enough shelf space to accommodate them? Well, that is the reversal of general availability which I wanted and still desire to address through Winterludes. The work is far from finished, but the direction that I have taken is hopefully clear. We should embrace all the good aspects of our rich African-Caribbean-American music tradition across the full diversity of its genres, from Konpa to Rasin (Roots), Traditional, and Jazz. [/quote]

Kounyè a, Gifrants ekri:

Mwen pa kwè Serge Bellegarde toujou fè moun konnen nan kronik li a ke se apati de gou li ke li ekri??? Ki sa w'ap aprann nou la? Men sepandan, si gou m'sye diferan de gou pa w, ou pa bezwen vendiktif nan pwen pou w pale de "INYORANS LI AN MIZIK". Eske ou kab pwouve mwen inyorans Serge nwa si blan? E ki sa ou konsidere ki "minimum requirement" sètadi ki baz konesans ki nesesè anvan yon moun tankou Serge oswa Jean-Marie oswa Leonel oswa Liline, pa egzanp, kapab ekri sou sa li renmen nan mizik ayisyèn?

Men lide pa m sou sijè sa (e mwen pa gen pwoblèm si ou jije ke se yon iyoran mwen ye, dayè mwen deja konnen tout sa ou panse de mwen) :
[quote]While professional musicians may have to be aware of the mathematical aspects of music composition and other complexities, a reviewer can dispense with such technicalities and relate to the rest of us what we tend to process intuitively in any case: in the reviewer's taste, is the music good or bad? In the end, that's what it comes down to. We do not listen to music to write a dissertation about it, unless we happen to be music majors in search of a thesis. We listen to music, and we like it or we do not. [/quote]

Finalman, mwen avwe mwen pa te konnen mo "vòksalite" a anvan mwen li mesaj ou a. Mwen pa te janm rankontre avèk li, e mwen ta renmen konnen orijin mo sa. Men mwen kwè sans li plizoumwen klè lò ou ekri:
[quote]Dans genyen sansyalite ladan. Dans Banda nan vodou oubyen nan fòlklò nou trè sijèstif de sansyalite e de sèksyalite. Si yon moun vle fè m konprann ke konpa pa dans vòksalite

1o) Limen limyè yo sou pis la
2o) Fè konkou dans Konpa
3o) Kite yo filme bal konpa yo, paske mwen konnen mizè anpil TV Ayisyen ap pase lè y ap filme konpa paske "ANPIL MOUN PA VLE FIGI YO PARET ANPIBLIK" tèlman sa y ap fè a se pa bagay pou moun wè vre nan limyè e anpiblik. [/quote]
Gifrants, sa bagay sa gen pou l wè ak KONPA? Alò ou pa panse bagay sa yo rive nan lòt kilti ak tout kalite lòt mizik tou? Ameriken yo "grind"; Trinidadyen ak Jamayiken "whine"; Dominiken yo menm pa menm ezite fè "el perrito" (pretann y'ap fè sèks tankou 2 chen) nan mitan disko yo. Mwenmenm, devan sa mwen wè ki pase nan fèt Dominiken, Jamayiken, Trinidadyen, Ameriken, e pwobableman lòt kilti ak lòt tip de dans e mizik, mwen panse Ayisyen desan toujou devan moun sa yo. Bagay sa pa genyen anyen arevwa ak Konpa patikilyèman. Mwen pap di ke pa gen Ayisyen ki devègonde nan jan yo danse, mwen konn wè yo tou, men se pa nou ki pi mal nan bagay sa. Lwen de la. Sispann pale Ayisyen mal mezanmi!

Se pa nan konpa sa soti. Sa soti senpman nan "raging hormones" ak "unrestrained, uneducated behavior". Ou twouve sa nan tout pèp, nan tout kilti!


Post by Tidodo_ » Tue May 02, 2006 8:15 am


[quote]Si genyen yon art exhibit k ap fèt menm sware ak yon Sweet Mickey, oubyen yon Karimi,....[/quote]

The last time I checked, the group name was "CARIMI" NOT Karimi. Even if you are writing in Kreyol, I don't think you can change a name which is a tradename.

[quote]Mwen tou, Marcien Guy-Frantz Toussaint, rèspèkte bon jan Mizisyen tankou Dadou Pasket, Edy Brisseaux, Makarios Césaire, Ronald Félix, Gary Didier Pérez [/quote]

I have never heard of Brisseaux, Césaire, Félix nor Pérez. Go figure! Three months ago I went to a "bal" of Magnum Band with Zenglen. Magnum (Pasket) was practically playing most of the same songs that came out decades ago. They played for two hours and a half. They were flat the first hour, then they gradually warmed up. This is typical of Haitian bands. Even though the music was kind of appealing when Magnum first emerged, I still don't get by his production of records and tunes what made Pasket better than the other Haitian bands or musicians, including those of Caribbean Sextet, Frères Dejean, Koupe Cloue, Amos Coulanges, Strings, Skah Shah, Carimi, etc. Someone can make an argument fro Coulanges' musical knowledge. But, I would not compare him to Pasket nor Glenny of Carimi and Loulou of Kreyol la. They play different music for different purposes. Coulanges plays music for listening, while Pasket, Glenny, Loulou, Valcourt, etc., play music for dancing.

[quote] Mwen, Marcien Guy-Frantz Toussaint, pa janm kritike pèsonn ki renmen Konpa eksèpte ke mwen souliye e sa fèt vre ke

Si genyen yon art exhibit k ap fèt menm sware ak yon Sweet Mickey, oubyen yon Karimi, yon Zenglen, majorite entelèktyèl k ap gonfle pèkto yo kòm gwo entelèktyèl, pap pran Madanm yo ak pitit yo ale nan Art exhibit sa.[/quote]

This seems to me contradictory. In the first sentence you claimed not criticizing people who like Konpa. In the second, you are deriding "majorite entelèktyèl" who would prefer to go to a Konpa dance rather than going to an art exhibit. To me, there are times to go to an art exhibit and there are times to go dancing. Going dancing does not make an educated person less educated.

Gifrants, correct me if I am wrong, but I question the strategy of a musician criticizing popular Haitian musicians so that they could look good. To me, a musician is as good as he can reach and move the listeners or followers (fans) he targets. If Haitians are the only people who may listen to a musician's music, why would he be playing American Country? This does not make any sense to me. If the people, you want to buy your CDs or go listening when you are playing, buy your CDs and go to your concert, you are a successful musician. If they don't, you have to make a decision as to what your goals are. You can play music for your own enjoyment or for that of other people, or both. If you play music for your own enjoyment only, while others may enjoy it as well, you should not be surprised if others don't enjoy it. If you want others to enjoy it, you have to target them as listeners, which require the discipline of understanding what makes them move. I cannot see how failure to do so can be considered as success.


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Post by admin » Wed May 03, 2006 1:29 pm

[quote]Mwen, tonnè boule wen, mwen konnen nou byen. W pa wè Siméus, li te vle Prezidan paske se anvi li, gou li, filinn li. Li menm oze di se dwa li, ki mele dèyè li si li Sitwayen Ameriken, si li genyen yon paspò ameriken--Ayisyen li ye toujou. [/quote]
Ou "hors du sujet", wi. Tcheke seksyon politik la. Se sou mizik nou vle pale nan seksyon sa. Jan Michel Nau ta di, "stay on topic".

[quote]It will be almost impossible to develop Haitian roots music, Haitian folk music, to have solid references about voodoo jazz and creole jazz without listening to the music of Gifrants. [/quote]
Mèsi pou enfòmasyon sa, Gifrants.

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