July 2008 is Septentrional's month on Windows on Haiti

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July 2008 is Septentrional's month on Windows on Haiti

Post by Guysanto » Tue Jul 08, 2008 8:44 am

At 60 years, Septen is surely the most resilient musical institution from Haiti. As such, I decided that Windows on Haiti would start celebrating July 27 a little early; in fact, throughout the entire month of July.

This morning, I just added a few more selections to Windows on Haiti's Jukebox. I hope that you will will get to appreciate them. The selections are always served at random. So, you can press on Jukebox at any time, even in midstream of the current selection, to hear a new cut.

I will keep adding new selections from the incomparable Orchestre Septentrional, La Boule de Feu d'Haiti, up until July 27, as they become available to me. As of today, I have 30 selections. I should be adding at least 30 more, to bring that number to the mythical 60!

I hope that you enjoy this tribute and the new Jukebox feature in general (click on the Jukebox link in the bottom frame of the web page). If you do not get any sound, I suggest that you download or activate Windows Media Player on your system (PC or Mac) [Yes, even on a Mac! You'd just have to search for and install Media Player for the Mac.] Past July 27, the Jukebox will revert to its original database containing hundreds of selections of select music bands and individual artists.

If you are a poor soul who happens not to love the sounds of Septen, just bear with me, please, until the end of the month when I finish celebrating my own birthday along with the 60th anniversary of my beloved Orchestra. Yes, you read it right: same birth-day, same birth-city (Cap-Haitien, à l'ombre de la majestueuse Citadelle Henri Christophe). I am but a few years younger. I have been trying to catch up to Septen all my life, but it always manages to stay a step ahead whenever I mark my own.

To Maëstro Ulrick Pierre-Louis, to all those who have passed on to different musical universes (the immortal Roger Colas, my classmate Edy Leroy, Jean Menuau, Papou and others), to all the musicians who have formed this remarkably unbroken chain of links to which new ones are being attached today, to new musical director Nikol Levy, to all the fans (and particularly the die-hards like François Marie-Michel and Rochenel Ménélas), I wish the best 60th anniversary that there ever was or that there ever will be [except perhaps for my own, a few years down the road.]

Ad multos anos!

Guy S. Antoine

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