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Edy Brisseaux

Post by Yanique » Thu Sep 20, 2007 2:11 pm

September 17, 2007

Edy Brisseaux is a premier trumpeter I had the pleasure of listening to and marvel in his soothing repertoire at a house party over the weekend. Instead of using a DJ, he was hired for the evening to perform Jazz and Haitian konpa music. The performance was superb, and he is an expert at the art of Musical improvisation.

He managed to get everyone on the dance floor and before you knew it, several women started singing along with him as backup singers. The highlight of the party was when an 82 year old man got up to dance and Brisseaux immediately started dancing and singing to the tune of "ton-ton relax" quoting "Gran Moun lontan te kon abiye" meaning "men from the old days knew how to dress well".

Brisseaux's music is a Wonderful fusion of Konpa and modern jazz. If you enjoy listening to traditional Haitian Jazz music of the past generation such as the immortal Nemours Jean-Baptiste, Weber Sicot, and Jazz Des Jeunes you will love Edy Brisseaux.

I recommend Edy Brisseaux to anyone who is having a celebration of any kind; his music is pleasing to any generation. You may contact him at edybrisseaux@yahoo.com or the undersigned.

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