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Request about a Haitian song

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2004 4:33 pm
by admin
Passing on this request. Can anyone on this forum help?

[quote]From: Randall < >


Thanks for your site. It's rather informative.

I'm not a kreyol speaker, unfortunately, but have a lot of interest in that area. I'm trying to get the complete lyrics to the song below. It would be great if someone had the musical notation as well. If you can be of any help, let me know.

Nou pap bay legen nan batay la
Nou pap sede pou asasen yo
Nou pap bay legen nan batay la
Viktwa final se pou pèp o
Yo fè nou maron se vre
Yo tiye mari nou se vre
Men nou konnen peyi a
Se wozo li pap kase o

We will not give up in the fight
We will not give up to the assassins
We will not give up in the fight
The final victory is for the people
They forced us to go in hiding, it's true
They killed our husbands,
it's true
But, we know that this country
is like the reed, it will not break

Also, I'm looking for similar info on that song about restitution by France ("$21,685,135,571.48") that drove everyone nuts. It would be extremely valuable to have music/lyrics. If you know of anyone who actually has the MP3 or video it would be ideal.


Response to Randall:

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2004 7:22 pm
by Empress Verite
One and Respe!

I have never heard that song before it would be nice to hear it along with the music but the words are powerful. I guess that there is a connection between the song and the repayment of the money that France made Haiti pay for the costs of the revolution? I wish that I had been there in the streets of Haiti during the festivities when the repayment was demanded. I also wish that I had been there when so many went to celebrate the bicentenial of Haiti in January 04.

I will tell some folks that I know off this site about it. The Lavalas folks in South Florida probably have more information about the issue and the song.

Blessings and kenbe.