Michaelle Jean Challenged to SPEAK UP !

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Post by admin » Thu Oct 13, 2005 10:44 am

... and the coming months!


Post by T-dodo » Thu Oct 13, 2005 12:06 pm

[quote]Morality calls upon Jean to condemn Canada's role in the coup d'êtat. The Canadian state put troops on the ground at the time of Aristide's ouster and has trained the notorious Haitian police force that has allegedly been committing atrocities against the civilian population, much of which still supports Aristide. Haitians are being massacred [1]; their children are being sold into slavery [2]; amorality in such a case is tantamount to immorality.

Amorality will condemn Haitians and relegate Jean to the historical abyss of ribbon-snipping GGs......[/quote]

I don't follow nor understand Canada politics. But, on the surface, based on my perception of it, I wonder if it is in the governor's job description to take positions on issues that Canadians may see as interference of the queen in their internal politics (foreign policy of an administration). I would assume it is not an image that the Queen want
ed to maintained in the past, that is: excessive interference in Canada politics. I don't think the queen even wants to do that in England, even though in extreme cases she may try to draw a cautionary note while trying not to show partisanship.

Jean is the representative of the queen. As such, it seems to me that her actions should be in line with the position the queen wants to maintain in Canada. Taking positions on Haiti against that of a current Canadian administration may just not be part of her job description. After all, she is doing a job!

Pitit Ginen

Post by Pitit Ginen » Mon Oct 31, 2005 2:47 pm

Hi brothers and sisters !

A very quick idea. For quite a while now I have been part of this forum, and one thing I have noticed is that not very often you will hear Haitians taking direct responsibility for the #### going on in Haiti (my beloved country). By responsibility, I mean a line of idea where Haitians will come up with practical and concrete ideas to solve our crap instead of expecting and asking Jean to speak about what going on in Haiti. We may keep dreaming about it but that won't happen. And nobody else but We Haitians will have to show enough courage in kicking the butts of the traitors and find out a solution for the respect on our Nation. We should no longer keep talking about what Jean or whoever else should do. It is high time that We take our responsibility into solving that ####.

What can we do and how can we do it? might be the core question .

Pitit Ginen.

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