Who is Who in Haitian Diaspora

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Who is Who in Haitian Diaspora

Post by Guysanto » Fri Feb 20, 2009 2:52 pm

Who is Who in Haitian Diaspora
by Féquière Vilsaint and Maude Heurtelou
Copyright 2008, Educa Vision
ISBN 13: 978-1-58432-495-9
ISBN 10: 1-58432-495-3

For information, please contact:
Educa Vision Inc.
e-mail: educa@aol.com
web: www.educavision.com

My comment: I enjoy finding about LOTS of Haitian people in this group (you may well be in it too, I was very much surprised to find myself in it and even as one of the multiple faces on the cover). Some editing is in order for the next editions. For instance, I found myself to be born in Dondon rather than Cap Haitien... LOL. But I was also delighted to discover Windows on Haiti as one of the numerous organizations or activities of which some background is listed. The format of the book is large and attractive. It contains lots of photographs, some of which are fuzzy due to low resolution though most of them are of good quality. Now if you want to check whether you or any other person is included or what is said about, I can help you with that in my spare time, though obviously I can't reproduce much of it for copyrights reasons. In fact, I do want to encourage you to get your own copy. As I suggested above, I am learning so much from this book about, about, about... YOU.

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