A tribute to Jacques "Doudou" Chancy

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A tribute to Jacques "Doudou" Chancy

Post by Serge » Mon Sep 17, 2012 1:58 pm

I am reproducing below a moving tribute posted by Eng. Jean-Claude Elie on his excellent and informative site, RockMasters Entertainment, to the memory of saxophonist Jacques Chancy. The passing of this great humanist, educator and artist leaves a great void on the Haitian musical scene and Eng. Elie's tribute to him provides a fitting and illustrative portrait of this great man who left us way too early.

Our most sincere condolences to his family and may he rest in peace!

The Day we lost Jacques (Doudou) Chancy
By: Jean Claude Elie:
RockMasters Entertainment.

It is with great sadness that RockMasters Entertainment announces to the community the sudden and untimely passing of the great saxophonist and pure gentleman Mr. Jacques (Doudou) Chancy, the younger brother of Georges Loubert Chancy, the legendary saxophonist of Skah-Shah.

Jacques, a member of the group Impresyon, called me two months ago, requesting my support and assistance in promoting a new monthly program he wanted to start. The “Zodiac Party” as it is called, would celebrate a Zodiac sign each month and feature his musical group Impresyon with guest appearances by well known artists, as well as upcoming young artists. The premiere of this monthly event was set for September 15, 2012 at Brasserie Creole with the "Virgo" night . Special performances would feature the legendary Leon Dimanche and James Pierre, an upcoming young talent that Doudou started promoting.

As the day was approaching, I communicated daily with Doudou and detected his excitement for the premiere of this project that was very special to him, and for his group's very 1st performance at Brasserie Creole. As an extremely disciplined individual and professional, he even made sure to take care of all financial transactions and contractual details for the event ahead of time so that he could just concentrate on having a great time and giving his best performance on that night.

The event was very well attended and included many of his personal friends, artists and well known personalities of the community. Impresyon started on time, immediately getting the guests on their feet from the very 1st song, as Doudou was at his best delivering the smoothest melodies from his saxophone.

Then came time for the break, and Doudou switched gear from being a musician to Master of Ceremony for the half time show. He opened up as a standup comedian delivering one of his funny jokes, then followed up by introducing the young vocalist James Pierre who gave an extraordinary performance. Following James, Doudou pick up his Sax for a solo performance of the best tunes from his latest CD to rousing applauses. Finally, he turned the microphone over to me to deliver a welcome message to the guests, and present Mr. Guy Evans Ford for the introduction of Leon Dimanche, which Mr. Ford did in the entertaining and elegant style that he is reputed for. It was the best of Leon Dimanche and a very nostalgic time of many in the audience reliving the good old days.

Showtime over, Impresyon came back on fire and the place was jumping. You could see Doudou's happiness and excitement at the success of the first night of his project. A couple of songs later, King Kino seated in the VIP section was called upon to jam with the band.

Well, before I continue, let me pause for a little reflection.

For anyone who does not know, one of Doudou's projects closest to his heart is helping poor children in Haiti learn music. He said to me and I quote “the reason that kids in Haiti grow up to become trouble makers is because they have nothing to do with their time”. He remembers his childhood in Haiti when there were a lot of activities for young people and where where he began his initial musical education for FREE while attending Lycee Petion. So he wanted to give something back to the country and opened a music school in Haiti for under privileged children. He routinely sends any good, used musical instrument he can get his hands on to the school. At least once a year, he traveled to Haiti to personally deliver instruments, books, and give music lesson to the students.

So, these monthly Zodiac parties were also a means for him to generate funds to allow him to do more for these kids in Haiti. This is just one of the great things that Doudou does and which makes him such a special individual.

Now going back to the night of the party:

After being called upon by the band, King Kino made his way to the microphone and Impresyon started playing one of King Kino's signature songs. The public was on its feet and the Sax was jamming.
Then a Thump… and Silence. The music stopped, the musicians eyes fixed toward the stage floor in shock. Confusion, Screams, Doctors and Nurses in the room running toward the stage, others trying to do crowd control so that the medical professionals could function. City Emergency personnel arrived minutes later. But alas.., it was too late. Doudou left us doing what he loves to do, and with his Saxophone mouthpiece still between his lips.

One of the most significant qualities I learned about Doudou during my recent interactions with him was his ability to give positive advices. He was always ready to compliment someone for a job well done, and to give ideas for improvements. When we launched the RockMasters.com new web site, Doudou called me almost daily with ideas for additional features, and on how to make the site even better. I must confess that for all our connections in the business, Doudou was the only one to express his honest, positive and progressive comments toward our new web site and we're gratefull for that. Being a music teacher in NJ, one of his ideas, that he was going to make his personal project, was the addition of section to give music lesson for free on the site. To that end, he was setting up to personally videotape the music lessons to be integrated on the site, giving young Haitians anywhere the ability to learn music lessons online for free at their leisure. Unfortunately, it is an idea that will not see the light of Day.

This past August 18. Doudou and his company 'Jacam Records productions' held an event in Long Island to honor and recognize his brother Georges Loubert Chancy for his contributions to Haitian Music and for his years of hard work as a member of the group Skah-Shah. He also viewed his brother's recognition night as a first and new beginning in giving recognition to the great musicians who paved the way for him and the new generation artists who are shining today.

Besides being a saxophone player, Doudou was a great professional with exemplary character, personal ethic and a constant adviser who looked to assist anyone excel in their chosen activities.

In an industry where personal conflicts, divisions, broken friendship and the lord $dollar reign supreme, Doudou was a breath of fresh air doing his best to confront all these negativities in our community with a positive force.

He will surely be missed by all who knew him and specially by his family.

Rest in Peace,

Jean Claude Elie, Eng., ME
C.E.O & Founder
RockMasters Entertainment
Marline Mith Elie, V.P.

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Re: A tribute to Jacques "Doudou" Chancy

Post by Leoneljb » Mon Dec 29, 2014 8:51 am

What a great piece on DOUDOU CHANCY!! Great Friend of mine. He is truly missed!

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