Haitian Contributions in the Catholic Church

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I know that you are talking with Jaf, so I apologize for interjecting... men gen 2 fraz ou ekri la ki fè m sezi! The first is: [quote]We were taught about Isis and those ancient Greece goddesses, but Ezili is evil.[/quote]
I am not quite sure whether the last part of the statement, namely that "Ezili is evil" is your own testimony or whether it is a mere reflection of what we have been taught. Could you clarify?

Since I went to Catholic schools, I know that Vodou, as "devil worship", was a rather persistent line, but they did not teach me that Ezili, in particular, was evil. Much later, I learned I learned that there were two (or at least two) distinct "Ezili": Danto and Freda. The latter is the one I believe a certain number of Haitian men sleep with one day/night a week, demanding that their earthly wives leave them alone on that particular day and night. So, if you say that "Ezili is evil", I must ask the following two questions:
1) Which Ezili is evil, Ezili Danto, Ezili Freda, or both?
2) In which way(s) is Ezili "evil"?
I am also almost tempted to say what is "evil", as opposed to what is "good", but I realize that this is a question for the ages and well beyond the scope of this forum.

If you maintain that Ezili is evil, there is this special "Ezili Danto" friend of mine who will not be too happy about your declaration, if indeed it is your own.

The other thing you said "ki fè mwen sezi" se:
[quote]Toussaint Louverture was a devout Catholic. He would make sure that soldiers go to mass every Sunday and pray every night. As a womanizer, he will be touching the women's thighs while asking them " As-tu communié aujourdh'ui?" ( Did you take communion today?). The catholic clergy had a lot of admiration for him.[/quote]
oh!! Mwen sezi men mwen pito kite bagay sa pou Jaf. Mwen chape poul mwen.


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