Fresh finds of skulls--probably just Vodou???

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Post by Jonas » Tue Mar 28, 2006 3:52 am

Let's be serious.

Why disseminate those skulls throughout the region of Port-au-Prince?
I would think it would be simpler to dig a hole and bury them.

Is the throwing of skulls part and parcel of a campaign by certain Haitian reactionnary forces, to unsettle, intimidate?

And, please, don't associate these macabre practices to Vodou. They are part of a legacy of French black magic!

Michel Nau_

Post by Michel Nau_ » Tue Mar 28, 2006 1:41 pm

Apharion wrote:[quote]BBC News comments that Aristide made Vodou an official religion in Haiti. Is this credible? Is human sacrifice of groups of people a routine part of Vodou in everyday Haiti? We all know what human skulls in Darfur or Baghdad would mean, but in Haiti are such things just another quaint custom of this exotic country? Hello?[/quote]
These heads are more likely from people who die from natural causes, and are being used to terrorize the population.

I can say that this is not an isolated case, and may have some kind of connections with Vodou or Aristide's armed partisans. Nothing should be rule out, and the future government needs to show strength and commitment for these horrible scenes not to be repeated.

Who are doing it and Why now during the time of a government on it way out?

They are surely sending a message to president Preval telling him that these acts are still possible, and if he is not complying to their demands, to have a piece of power or have Aristide return, then be ready to see more heads on the street of Petion-Ville or Port-au-Prince.

This is counter productive, and we hope that these acts would not be repeated under the Preval administration that is currently on foreign soil working hard to find assistances and potential investors.

Mesye fe respe nou tande!! Se pa yon govenman defacto ki pral vini la, se yon govenman legal e constitisyonel, kidonk, nou pa gen okin eskiz pou fe dezod macab konsa!!

Bay peyi a yon chans!!


Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Tue Mar 28, 2006 2:32 pm

Michel papa, pale sa w konnen tande.
You assume, then you take it as reality.
Ala nEG anraje papa! Ou jis panse on bagay epi ou kwE ladan l san ankenn prEv...
MonchE, ou bon pou pri a.

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Post by Jonas » Tue Mar 28, 2006 4:56 pm

Wi monchè,

E Guy Philippe ak konpayèl li yo.
Eske nèg sa yo konnen kote yo gad?

Pèsonn paka predi sa k pral rive; men tou gouvènman Préval pa p ka kite Chamblain ap "zobop" li yo vire dada yo, jan yo vle nan peyi an.

Eske se pa Philippe, Chamblain ak moun tankou li yo,k ap lage tèt mò nan rakwen Pòtoprens, pou yo sa eseye kraponnen moun?

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Post by Jonas » Tue Mar 28, 2006 5:07 pm


Human sacrifices are not part of Vodou rituals, they have never been.

Are human sacrifices associated with the voodoo practiced in Cuba and Brezil?

I have never heard such claims made; and believe me, the practices of Cuba and Bresil are much closer to the original African practices than are those of Haitian Vodou; this is because of historical reasons.

There are sometimes macabre practices by those who profess Haitian Vodou, but don't associate them with the religion!

Michel Nau_

Post by Michel Nau_ » Wed Mar 29, 2006 2:40 pm

JGPalmis wrote: [quote]I find it weird that Michel Nau quickly associated this new phenomenon to a sector. I just heard Aboudja and kompè Filo, confirmed for melodie FM on the boxes that contained these skulls it was printed : quote : For medical research. Not in kreyol nor French. Isn't it what they call: jump to a conclusion, Mr Nau?[/quote]

Jude, the original assertion wasn't from me but from The BBC that went on to explain that since there were no bullet holes in the skulls, Vodou was a logical possibility to explain their presence. It then comments that Aristide made Vodou an official religion in Haiti. This was Apharion original post for the debate.

I am deeply sorry to hear this kind of activities repeated again while our new government administration is trying to polish our image a broad.

Jude, this is not about religious belief, Vodou, or politics, Aristide, or body parts for medical research, but the entire country; it's about you, me and all of us Haitians as an entity!

How do you explain that to your foreign coworkers?

How do you respond when they are probably asking you that we just have a new government now, but why these kind of macabre activities are still repeating?

If BBC news reported it, the whole world heard it!!

Jude, if you look at the pictures, you will see that these are skulls, and not fresh slashed heads.

I am not a forensic expert, and I can't conclude like others have said that they were for "medical research". There is a great difference between skull, and a freshly slashed head.


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Post by Jonas » Wed Mar 29, 2006 7:53 pm


There has been a recrudescence of the slamming of Vaudou, particularly after Aristide had recognized this religion as one of the official religions of Haiti.

All I am saying is, one has to be careful not to put grist in the mill of the critics of the religion, most of it is unwarranted.

First, most Haitians associate the loup-garou legend with Vaudou (legend that's all it is), but it should not have been, considering it's a French legend (totally).

Apharion, I don't know if you are of Haitian descent, but I for one have heard these loup-garous stories growing up, and the people who would tell you these stories, would relate them as facts.

Lo and behold, the stories on this web page are from descendants of Frenchmen in the state of Indiana.

For people who grew up in Haiti, these stories would seem eerely familiar:

And refering to "black" (for lack of an other name) magic practices in Haiti, most of it can be traced to the French.

The French have written "terrible" books:

Les Dragons Rouge et Noir are how to books to invoke the dead, and also human sacrifices.

LA GRANDE GRIMOIRE is a book of recipes of one thousand and one ways, how to administer poisons.

In "La France exporte aussi ses ténèbres" this S.YANN quoting ALFRED METRAUX, who has written the definitive book in Haitian Voodoo:"Voodoo in Haiti"(1958) : "Un très grand nombre de croyances et de pratiques soi-disant africaines, ONT UNE ORIGINE PICARDE, NORMANDE OU LIMOUSINE. Ce prestige de la magie française subsiste intact en Haiti. A ceux qui en doutent, rappelons la vogue dont jouissent dans les milieux populaires, sinon la petite bourgeoisie LE GRAND ET LE PETIT ALBERT ainsi que LA POULE NOIRE. C'est de ces livres importés de France que les hougans tirent une grande partie de leur savoir magique"

By the way, ALFRED METRAUX (1902-1963) is not Haitian, he is a French Swiss who studied the religions of the Americas from Mexico to the Pampas of Argentina!

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