Haitian Vodou, Cuban Santaria, Brazilian Candomble

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Je me souviens d'avoir lu dans un article du New York Times (il y a peut ètre 25 ans), les cérémonies faites pour l'enterrement d'une MAMALAO (Mambo) dans l'état de BAHIA. Cette femme était révérée comme une sainte et sa sagesse était légendaire.
Il y avait 3 gouverneurs d'Etats du Brésil présents, et des dizaines de milliers de "serviteurs" de toutes les couleurs.

Oui, Cuba et le Brésil ont trouvé une accomodation entre leurs religions chrétienne et africaine, tandis que sur ce site (adye), des gens parrotent ces "imbéciles" fondamentalistes américains pour qualifier une religion vieille de 10 mille ans de religion du DIABLE.


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This request came to us via the Corbett List where it was originally posted.

[quote]From: Gustavo Pacheco < gustpacheco@hotmail.com >

Dear friends,

My name is Gustavo Pacheco, I am an anthropologist and ethnomusicologist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the last few years I have been researching cultures of African descent in Brazil, especially in the northern state of Maranhao, where I did fieldwork for my Ph.D. thesis at the Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro. For a long time I have been interested in Haiti and in the connections between Haitian Vodou and afro-brazilian religions such as Candomble, Xango and Tambor de Mina.

As you must be aware, Brazil is currently leading the UN mission in Haiti, and this fact caused something unimaginable a couple of years ago: Haiti is now a priority in Brazil's foreign relations policy. Together with some colleagues, I have been thinking of a way to seize this op
portunity to promote mutual understanding between Haitians and Brazilians regarding religions of African descent in both countries. As a first step, we are planning a small exhibition of photos and movies dealing with afro-brazilian religions, to take place in Port-au-Prince. If this succeeds, we plan to promote similar exhibitions in Brazil dedicated to Vodou. One of my colleagues works at the foreign office in Brasília and the government has showed some interest in this project, so he'll be in Port-au-Prince between February 21st and 25th to see if, how, where and when it can be done.

The aim of this message is to ask for help concerning contacts in Haiti, since we don't know anybody beyond the Brazilian embassy personnel. We are convinced that if the project is to be effective we need to be in touch with local houngans and mambos, scholars, journalists and people who in fact know Vodou, otherwise it would be just another diplomatic show-off. It would be extremely helpful if anybody could suggest n
ames of people who could be interested in this project.

Thank you for your attention.


Gustavo Pacheco

Rua João Afonso, 95 - apto. 201
Humaitá - Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Brasil
+ 55-21-25370964 [/quote]

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Nekita, you can respond directly to Gustavo Pacheco at gustpacheco@hotmail.com .

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