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Post by Gelin_ » Mon Jan 31, 2005 12:59 pm

Good people use whatever they have to live well with their neighbors. Bad and wicked people use whatever they have to enslave their brothers and la vi

[quote]...<U>African Slavery in the twenty-first century is the subject on this dates Registry. Yes, slavery of Black African's still continues.</U> Currently Arab-Berbers' in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, continue to carry out the centuries-old practice of enslaving Black Africans.

Mauritania has been as vigorous in condemning slavery as any civil rights activist might wish. At least three times last century slavery has been outlawed there, first by the French, who banned it in 1905, then under the new Constitution drawn up after independence in 1960, and a third time in 1980, under the government of President Mohammed Khouna Ould Haidallah. Nevertheless at present, the country is said to contain the world's largest population of chattel slaves. Depen
ding upon age and physical condition, they are reportedly sold for as little as $15, given as gifts, or traded for cars, camels, or other goods.

Research has uncovered this practice plus documenting and analyzing the hatred that the Arab minority holds for Blacks, both slave and free, in a country where everyone is Muslim. It is in this part of the world where the use of religion and language successfully enslave Blacks and practiced is a process by which Arab masters produce submissive slaves. There are stories that reveal the capacity for hope and courage and some former slaves too. Many have become abolitionist leaders as well...

More at: ... _happening

Larouze fè banda tout tan solèy pa leve!


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Post by Jonas » Mon Jan 31, 2005 6:21 pm


Pa fè sa.

Lè ekriven nijeryen an ap pale de relijyon afriken, li p ap pale de Islam.
Premyèman, ou pa ka jije relijyon Islamik lan, sou bagay k ap pase nan yon peyi kou Mauritanie.
Nan le tan, Islam se te youn nan relijyon ki te pi pwogresis ki te ka genyen.
Lè ekriven nijeryen an ap pale de relijyon afriken, li ap pale de relijyon YORUBA, IBO elatriye..
Relijyon ki venere ORISHA (Lwa) kou SHANGO, YEMANYAH, OLOSHUN, ILE ILE, OGUN elatriye.

OU wè misye byen di w, lè Afriken te konn venere Orisha sa yo, SAN KONPLEX, yo te konsidere tèt yo kou mèt le monn.


Post by Gelin_ » Tue Feb 01, 2005 9:57 am

[quote]Gelin, Pa fè sa...[/quote]
Kisa pou m pa fè a Jonas?


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