Why fear Death

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Why fear Death

Post by Leoneljb » Tue May 15, 2007 12:16 pm

Today, the great Evangelist Jerry Falwell is fighting for his life!

My obvious question is, why would we want to revive JF when he believes that everything is God's will. Why would a Believer fear Death, the final passage from Physical into Spiritual, the time which Believers will meet their heavenly Father...

I need help Guys!

Life on Earth is hard! Why would one be afraid of death? God is waiting for his Children. Don't make him wait too long.

Remember JF's famous quote following the 911 tragedy? Now, they are trying to cheat Death by reviving him in Virginia...

Gelin, kote ou papa? Ou met kostim mawon sou ou.

I would like to hear others on this issue.

Please, let us know about your opinion?

Nou pa bezwen pè. Nou manje losti kidonk kò jezi. Donk, nou gen la vi etènèl...


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Post by Leoneljb » Tue May 15, 2007 1:10 pm

JF has died!!!! Paix à son ame (whatever that means).

Car, tu es poussière. Tu retourneras en poussière!

But, we can see that the scripture does not mention the Spirit...

It could have been,

Tu es Esprit, tu retourneras en Esprit.

It doesn't matter how powerful you are. When you'll die there will be Nada, Only dust.

By the way, Is it really true that People believe in God??????


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US evangelist Jerry Falwell dies

Post by Guysanto » Tue May 15, 2007 1:41 pm

Leonel, thanks for alerting us to this news story, the minute it came out. For some reason, it seems that you were waiting by the bedside.

Now, imagine that Jerry Falwell meets his maker, and it turns out to be a Black Lesbian Muslim Woman. I would not want to be present...

Que La Terre Lui soit Légère!


[quote]BBC News

US evangelist Jerry Falwell dies

Leading US conservative evangelist Rev Jerry Falwell has died in hospital in Virginia after being found unconscious in his office, his assistants said.

Doctors gave Rev Falwell emergency treatment at Lynchburg General Hospital but could not revive him.

Rev Falwell, 73, survived two serious health scares in 2005 but had a history of heart problems.

He became a figurehead of the religious right in the 1980s, founded the Moral Majority and later Liberty University.


Rev Falwell was regarded as the father of the political evangelical movement.

Ron Godwin, executive vice president for Liberty University, said Rev Falwell was found unresponsive in his office at the university at about 1045 local time (1535 GMT) after missing an appointment.

Mr Godwin said: "Dr Falwell is a huge, huge leader here in this area and in the nation at large."

Rev Falwell was a strong opponent of abortion, homosexuality and many other issues that conflicted with his fundamentalist Christian beliefs.

His alliance with Republicans in the 1980s was a key help in the elections of Ronald Reagan as president.

The Rev Al Sharpton said he was deeply saddened and was praying for the Falwell family. He said although he often disagreed with the reverend, they had a cordial relationship.

Many of Rev Falwell's controversial statements on feminism, abortion and race issues outraged liberals.

In 2002, he sparked anger across the Muslim world by calling the Prophet Muhammad a "terrorist". He later apologised.

Shortly after the 11 September 2001 attacks, he said that gays, atheists, civil-rights activists and legal abortions in the US had angered God and "helped this happen".

In 1999, he denounced the BBC TV children's show The Teletubbies, because he believed one character, Tinky Winky, was homosexual.

Story from BBC NEWS:
http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/2/hi/a ... 659457.stm

Published: 2007/05/15 18:18:50 GMT

© BBC MMVII[/quote]

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Post by Tidodo » Tue May 15, 2007 2:10 pm


I have to thank you also for such a timely distribution. But, I also have a similar question to yours going back to when I attended a protestant church. There was always a session when people gave testimony to God's goodness and thank him for recuperating from a fatally threatened illness.

The witnesses and the pastor always said that God is good and with them and prevented their dying. Since I know for sure one day they will have an illness, or something else, and died, younger or older, I always wonder if on that day "God is bad" and why he is not with them? What about the still borns, the newborns, the infants, and others who had not enough reasoning to be responsible for any of their actions on earth? Why did they die, if God is good with those who are good, go to church and do not commit sins?

Since the faithfulls value their time on earth, why does not God use his goodness to prevent that from ever happening if they follow the religious teaching of their spiritual guides, who will also die one day?

Nekita Lamour
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a proverb

Post by Nekita Lamour » Thu Aug 16, 2007 12:01 am

Are people aware of this adage? Tout moun anvi al lan paradi, men pesonn pa ta renmen mouri. Everybody likes to go to paradise, but no no one wants to die.

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