What will... who will...

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What will... who will...

Post by Guysanto » Fri Jan 16, 2009 12:42 pm

What will... who will... stop the holocaust in Gaza?

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Post by Serge » Fri Jan 16, 2009 9:44 pm


I am sure many around the world are asking the same question. At least 350 children have already been killed by the Israeli war machine. In this country, the only place one can learn what is really happening is Democracy Now! with amy Goodman. This is a horror story in Gaza!

Meanwhile, the Arab countries are shamefully silent, as thousands and thousands of their population are protesting and are repressed by these governments who themselves feel threatened.

During an interview, Palestinian Parliament member Asnan Aswari (I may be mispelling her name) was asked if she felt that the attack against Hamas in Gaza would somehow strengthen her and others like her who are moderate Palestinians. Her answer was that this is where the problem lies with this policy. Israel and the United States are totally misreading the reality in Palestine. They do not have a clue. Israël's attacks against Hamas have only one result: they strengthen Hamas and make the population rally around it. This is what Aswari, a moderate, said during this interview on CNN.

Obvioulsy the lessons of history are lost on governments such as that of Israël. The Haitian slaves were strengthened by the constant brutality of the white colonizers before 1804; the Africans in South Africa and Zimbabwe never gave up in the face of all kinds of torture and degrading treatment by the Apartheid regimes; the killings perpetrated by the Duvalier regime did not prevent the Haitian people to rise up.

There are many such exemples throughout history, but they seem to mean nothing to Israeli leaders who themselves fought tooth and nail to achieve independence. At the time, they were called...terrorists by the oppressor. They were called Menachem Begin, Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barack, Yitzhak Rabin and so on, and many of them became Prime Ministers of Israël. They got their land. Yet now, they refuse to let the Palestinians return to their land, and they use all kinds of illegal tactics to achieve their goals., while the international community seems to unable to do anything, but protest.

Guy, your question was: What will... who will... stop the holocaust in Gaza ?

How is this for an answer? January 26 is the Observance of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. There will be a ceremony at the Organization of American States during which a documentary entitled "The Glass House", will be shown. This is the story of how the Consulate of El Salvador in Geneva helped save thousands of Jews fleeing the Third Reich.

This is one of those beautiful, courageous and noble stories of World War II, the kind of stories that should indeed be highlighted, as they have in other parts of the world. But like you Guy, I cannot help wonder: who will save the hundreds and hundreds of innocent civilian women and children and families whose lives are being detroyed by Israeli bombs as I write this?

What will ...who will ...stop the holocaust in Gaza?


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