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As I go to bed tonight...

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2007 12:22 am
by Guysanto
As I go to bed tonight...

I am hoping for an end to the nightmare of the last few years in the good ol' United States of America...

for all people with good conscience.

The fight for global social justice will continue, as it must...

but without the extremely serious handicaps the Bush/Cheney team (incl. Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, Roger Noriega, Otto Reich, Elliott Abrams, Karl Rove, John Ashcroft, and others) poses for its attainment.

I think that I can safely speak on behalf of many on this forum and I hope that you join me in expressing the following:

We say NO to the War on Iraq.

We say NO to coups in Haiti and elsewhere.

We say NO to the continued embargo on Cuba.

We say NO to the mayhem in Haiti paid for in dollars by the U.S.A. and in blood by the poor people of Haiti.

We say NO to the closing of a medical school in Haiti for the egregious excuse of hosting U.S. Marines. We say THANKS to Fidel Castro for rescuing the affected medical students and for the generous assistance of Cuban doctors, veterinarians, agronomists, and other professionals who are providing to Haitian countrymen the essentials for public health and a sustainable rural economy.

We say NO to the continued repression in Haiti and the arbitrary arrests of priests and other citizens by a non-constitutional "technocratic" government imposed on Haitians by the U.S. government.

We say NO to the total humiliation of the people of Haiti in the year of the bicentennial of independence.

We say NO to the inhumanity of detaining Haitian minors under the pretense that they constitute a danger to the national security of the United States.

We say NO to the never-ending fabrication of pretexts for having gone to war, and for going to other wars in the near future.

We say NO to GREED and unchecked ambitions.

We ask Mr. Bush why his twin daughters are not fighting in Iraq, and tell him that we are glad that they are not, but that we wish that our sons and daughters as well would not be asked to sacrifice their lives for reasons that simply insult our intelligence.

We say NO to favoring the balance sheets of large corporations over the health, education, and gainful employment of ordinary citizens.

We say NO to Bush, a thousand times NO! Your policies have harmed this country and the world more than enough.

We say NO to the tyranny of the Christian Right and the imperial aspirations of the so-called neo-conservatives.

We say YES to all civic liberties made possible by the free exercise of our civic responsibilities, in the absence of government-manufactured fear.

We say YES to intelligent measures that will truly improve our SECURITY from terrorist threats, without rushing to wars under false pretenses that create greater instability in the world and more hatred for the American people.

We say YES to respecting the Haitian and Venezuelan peoples' right to self-determination.

We say YES to engaging in meaningful dialogue with the government of Cuba, instead of the cultivated adversity and tiresome clich├ęs that have produced absolutely nothing beneficial for either Cubans or Cuban-Americans.

We say YES to the end of that fateful war on Iraq and the safe return of all those young men and women to their families, just as you, Mr. President, feel the comfort of the presence of your twin daughters dutifully campaigning by your side. Every American deserves the same comfort as you, Mr. President.

We say YES to the creation of millions of new jobs, paying substantially more than minimum wage.

We say YES to a happy and well-deserved retirement for you, Mr. President. It is time for you to go back to the ranch, work on your golf drive, catch some fish, repair that mountain bike, play with the family dog, go hunting with Vice-President Cheney, try your luck again at managing new oil ventures, try on a jetfighter vest, declare your mission accomplished, and stay far, far away from Washington, DC.

We wish you well, very sincerely, as we will be greatly relieved from the nightmare we have lived in the last four years. When the new president invites you to his inauguration on January 20, feel free to say "no". We will understand.