Is Africa's vast wealth a blessing or a curse?

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Is Africa's vast wealth a blessing or a curse?

Post by Guysanto » Sun Feb 18, 2007 1:39 pm

Practically ALL of Modern African History is a result of brutal "guilt-free" exploitation by European imperialists. The American imperialists came later. Now, China is making some serious overtures, though the history of Chinese imperialism is no less frightening. Africa suffers from extraordinary misery today, because of its vast reserves of oil, gold, silver, copper, diamonds, and other minerals. Sudanese are going to hell on earth because they sit on vast reserves of oil, and Chad will likely go down the same path. Mozambicans and South Africans have paid dearly in human lives for their diamonds. Congo, pa pale menm!

Should Africa say the hell with Americans and so-called multinationals and invite the Chinese in?

Should Africans forgive and forget their European exploiters?

But, most importantly, what can Africans do to take care of themselves???

American and European Exploiters are quick to point out that African leaders are the most corrupt in History and that they have been more benevolent in their exploitation, compared to what Africans do to Themselves.

They point to a long string of African Dictators. It does not matter that those dictators were mentally conditioned, trained, selected by those benevolent European colonizers. It does not seem to matter either that the vast fortunes accumulated by those dictators end up in European banks and the Swiss banks in particular. It does not matter that France, England, Belgium, Portugal, the Netherlands and others have received those dictators with open arms and their fortunes without any other consideration. They can ALWAYS point to those dictators and say "see, those people do not know how to govern themselves". Which, in their minds, justifies all their plunders over the centuries.

Plunders accompanied, inevitably, with genocides.

The only genocide we practically ever hear about is "The Holocaust".

"The Holocaust" is an extremely sad period of human history, and I do not understand the people who seek to deny that it happened, in spite of the overwhelming historical evidence, or those who seek to minimize its extremely immoral nature.

Nevertheless, it should also be considered, if one wants to be honest, that "The Holocaust" is not by far the largest genocide in History.

The people from Africa have paid more, far more. In terms of numbers and in terms of dehumanization. Undeniably in terms of stolen wealth as well.

I admire the Jewish people A LOT for their amazing capacity for recovery. But I am puzzled and dismayed by the way they treat the Palestinian people, their fellow Semites. In fact, when using the term "anti-semitic", many Jews seem to have appropriated the term strictly to themselves, to designate any critic of Israeli policies. That is pure bull, of course! Israeli policies have been and mindless military incursions into their neighbors' lands have been, for the most part, nothing less than outrageous. And so is the treatment of the Palestinian question in Israel. In other words, Jews seem to forget that having been the victims of human dehumanization practices, they have a special obligation not to repeat the same patterns of human exploitation. "Don't do to others as you would not have them do to you." (Confucius)

Of course, this sort of discourse is not made easier by the full support given to Israeli policies by various American administrations, such as the current one. George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice gave "carte blanche" to Israel to keep bombing the hell out of Lebanon, until Israel felt satisfied with its pound of flesh (or whatever pounds of flesh that amounted to). George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice even rejected explicitly the idea of a cease-fire until they lost a lot of political stock in World Opinion. That was criminal. I repeat, CRIMINAL.

And this brings us back to the crimes perpetrated against the Congolese, the Sudanese and other African people, against the Iraqi people (Sunni, Shia, or Kurd), and the Haitian people Those people will always be held responsible for their own miseries and the "Old World/New World" mostly white colonizers will always be portrayed as the benevolent saviors that just happen to be, by God's will and by divine endowment, the richest countries on Earth.

It's sort of funny when you consider that the Creator put most of the world's riches underneath African soil. But He must have reserved it for other peoples. Peoples made closer to its own image perhaps? People who were divinely Chosen over all other peoples inhabiting the world at the very same time?

If that is so, then God must surely be White!

The paradox continues today. AS VICIOUSLY AS EVER.

But, I wonder, are the conditions of dehumanization of Black people or Africans such that they can no longer demonstrate their capacity to be the equals of the Caucasian race or any other race of human beings? Of course, that is labeled Victimization theory, and quite frankly I refuse to dabble any further in it. It cannot be safely debated, because enfranchised peoples, white or black, will eagerly seize the opportunity to point the finger and say "See, the reason that you end up inferior is that YOU are victims of of your own victimization". And with that reasoning, flies the guilt of past, PRESENT, and future exploitation. Since the victims ARE responsible for their own victimization, it must be nice indeed to belong to the other camp. Whether you have pulled yourselves by your own bootstraps or you have simply inherited the fortune of not belonging to the class of exploited people.

Please forgive this rant, because I am not nearly as ideological as many of my friends. This does not mean that I am unaware of history. This does not mean that I have a greater mental capacity for all the crap I hear. And the crap is abundant. It's everywhere you look.

That is why today the poor people of Haiti are made to suffer. That is why today the Iraqi people are victims of a hellish civil war, that they did not suffer under their worst dictator. That is why hanging him did not bring any relief to the Iraqi people, and whoever thought that it would? That is why today Africa continues to be mercilessly exploited.

It will take some extraordinary and intelligent leadership to change this.

I would love to see the day, even if I have to live a thousand lives to get there.

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Post by Leoneljb » Mon Feb 19, 2007 10:06 am


I really have nothing to add. Except that, how ironic to see how silent People can be when one is talking about the Israeli Government!

We can say anything about the USA or GW. You still will go about your life.

You can even say anything bad about Italy or Rome. The Catholics wouldn't be offended and call you Anti-Catholics. You can say anything about any Country. People wouldn't associate it with any Hatred for most Religions.

But, the minute you mention Israel (which by the way is the practices of the Israeli Government). You would be called anti-Semites. Is Freedom of speech that limited?

Are we willing to tell the truth! Or just stand aside and look!

Ex-President Carter wrote a wonderful and truthful book about the conflict between Israeli vs the Palestinians. Oh boy, He was called all sort of names.

I would like for People all over the World and especially America to read about this conflict in the Middle East. I bet you a lot of views would be changed!

How can a Country claim lands belonging to his Ancesters after over 1000 years of absence?

After 200 years of existence, would the USA return a bunch of States to Mexico?

How about US (Haitians) can we claim Lands somewhere in Africa? Besides, our Ancesters came from there! We can also claim some in France. For, some of US have genes from our former Masters also!!!

Who cares about the Mother of Humanity (AFRICA)? They can use and abuse her People. They can enrich themselves from her Resources. But, they are still considered as a group of Ignorant Aliens.

I remember there was a time back, South Africa had Nuclear weapon technologies provided by Israel. That period of time was the well-known Apartheid. When Mandela was President, South Africa had to dismantle their weapons. Go figure! Only a handful of Countries are trustworthy enough to have certain things.

This is the same mentality which is cornerstone of Imperialism. They are the masters of the Universe. The other insignificant less powerful Countries can not take any decision for themselves. Being poor is associated to being Weak and Dumb...

This is the true Double-Standard applied for Africa, the Middle east and Elsewhere. The decisions are made by USA, England, France et al.



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