Good Morning Ann Pale

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Good Morning Ann Pale

Post by Leoneljb » Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:51 am

It's been a long time since Guy Antoine started what he thought would be our Mirror, our Board to express our feelings, pains and sorrow.
This went well and we are all grateful for such dedication and Passion expressed by Guy and a lot of Good Friends whom we've met over the years.
Unfortunately, Us Haitians are very complex so to speak. We are mostly attracted to Politics. It's either you are Pro- Lavalas or Pro-Duvalier, Grenn nan Bouda, Rat pa kaka, ChimE and all that Jazz.
Our arguments most of the time end up in Personal attacks and eternal anger against one another.
We can not realize that we have a common enemy which is "Poverty". Also, we can not seem to figure out we have a "Common Love" which is Haiti.
I am wondering if this will stay the same. For, I always thought my own Generation was "Haiti's Hope". I alwways thought that the only chance and connection that our Beloved Country has it's Us. Our children will not devote the same Love and Concern for Haiti. They know that they have Family back there. But, I bet you they will not use CAM, HATREXCO like we did.
Kidonk, an nou met tEt ansanm. An nou preche linion fE la fOs. We can be different. We can have different views. But, we can also love one another.
Please, just a little "Hello" to Ann Pale once in a while wouldn't be so difficult. Cause a lot of you are in "Facebook" everyday. I understand your fascination with facebook. But, I can tell you one thing: Lakay se lakay. Kay vwazinaj se pa kay pa'w.
Go back to Ann Pale. Don't use it as a Past tense.
A la Prochaine.

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Post by Frantz » Tue Jun 01, 2010 7:42 pm

Ole Leonel, You are soooooo right. Let's make it a habit to stop by from time to time AGAIN! Thanks for reminding us of what we value and what is important.
kenbe la

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