Happy anniversary!

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Happy anniversary!

Post by Shelony » Tue Apr 27, 2010 5:50 pm

I feel terrible for forgetting to wish Guy and Ann Pale Happy anniversary. I feel terrible because I remember how great it was just 2 years ago and how wonderful it could have been this year! But it's my fault and it's our fault that the day pass quietly and I am so sorry. I though about the anniversary as I was going to Haiti earlier this month. It was in my mind as well when I was coming back but get completely lost in work and forget about it. Now I feel like I forget my mother's birthday and I feel so bad. But I hope that Guy and Ann Pale community accept my wishes!
I hope that the family revives and that we come back at least to where we were 2 years ago.

Happy anniversary!


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Post by Guysanto » Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:59 am

Oh my God! Thank you, Sheila for remembering! You feel terrible? Do not, because even the Creator of this website is guilty as well. It's been so uneventful here that I completely forgot the 12th anniversary of this community. I truly believe that you are THE ONLY ONE who remembered. So, MANY THANKS!!!!!!!

One of the highlights of the 10th anniversary for me, two years ago, was the fantastic opportunity to host you and your little sister Rose (now a wife and mother) to our event. I can't ever describe to you the joy I truly felt, having my picture taken with the two of you, who represent to my eyes the future of Haiti. Yes, the so-called "diaspora" will have to play a significant role in the rebuilding of our country and caring thinkers and professionals in health and education like the two of you should be given a meaningful part in the process.

To think that we had projected a joyous reunion this year in Haiti. But as they say, L'HOMME PROPOSE ET DIEU DISPOSE (gen de lè mwen panse DISPOZISYON NÈG ANLÈ SA A! Pito mwen kite sa avan nèg Leonel la rantre nan jwèt la, paske depi li tande non Letènèl la... li mande goumen ak Tayi ak Gelin!) Based on the calamity that fell upon us, I shall never project another big reunion.

However, I still would like us to stay in touch and possibly meet each other informally in small settings. What a joy for me it was to meet through Ann Pale and Windows on Haiti, superb opinionated individuals like Marilyn Mason, Jean Gelin, Louis Merosne (Tayi), Serge Bellegarde, Jean Saint-Vil and Manzè Choublak, Jude Jean-François, Rudy Monpierre (Widy), Nekita Lamour, Leonel Jean-Baptiste, Ezili Danto and Chantal Laurent, Tidodo and Michel Nau, Kaptenn and Pwofesè Pakapala, and a few unforgettable contributors from the city of Leogane! (I did not try to list everyone, so if you do not see your name listed, don't take it as a negative). That Windows on Haiti lasted a full ten years of feverish activity, giving to the world some generous notions about Haiti and her sons and daughters, is truly more than I could have asked. When I started the site in April 1998, my objective was to make it last until January 1, 2004! And even that seemed quite ambitious at the time...

And we are now embarking on our 13th year, quite a bit more humble... Other beautiful Haiti sites have sprung all around us. And now the national dialogue carries on unabated on state-of-the-art social networks such as FaceBook. Has Windows on Haiti become irrelevant? Of course not! It lives on in our hearts and it carries with it the satisfaction of knowing that it has spread around a lot of seeds that are now in full bloom or may be blooming a little later... No matter what happens, we can all be proud of the fact that we have held the banner of Haiti very high indeed!

At one time, Windows on Haiti was cited in the New York Times as the hub of the Haitian community on the Net...

At one time, Windows on Haiti was one of only two sites (the other being the site of the Embassy of the Republic of Haiti in Washington, D.C.) that were given as references in the State of the World Annual Report of the Encyclopedia Brittanica...

At one time, our Windows on Haiti editor was given a special interview on a special publication (on global multilingual communications) from the United Nations...

At one time, a specially selected, and uniquely formatted by Windows on Haiti, excerpt from a Frederick Douglass speech made its way around the world in the new format (as a poem), and even found its way in the Presidential Speech on the occasion of the Bicentennial of Haiti, on January 1, 2004: "As Frederick Douglass wrote in his poem about Haiti...," ;-)

At one time, our Windows on Haiti editor was interviewed by Voice of America from Washington and by Jean Saint-Vil in Ottawa, and invited to speak to Pax Christi Virginia and various other human rights groups about Haitian Rights...

At one time, Windows on Haiti was hosted by the Jan Mapou Library in Little Haiti (Miami) in a special cultural celebration of our eighth-year anniversary in which many local artists, community leaders, and members coming from many states, participated joyously and later on, we toasted our unique bond and strong attachment to the culture of Haiti in Tap Tap restaurant...

At one time, well two years ago, Windows on Haiti celebrated its 10-year anniversary in Newark, NJ, and guests came in from Canada, from Massachusetts, from Pennsylvania, from New York, from Florida, [ and even from New Jersey!!! ;-) ] to rejoice in such an event, to meet each other in the flesh, usually for the first time, to renew our bond and special friendship...

At one time, we promised that we would meet again, this time for the twelfth anniversary, but this time in "Ayiti Cheri". But when the time came, we all forgot... (except you, Sheila). But who can blame us, after all that has happened? No one! Windows on Haiti has had a magnificent run... Thank you for being part of its history. Most sites do not last ten years. We are happy to have been there when it counted and to have been significant for many of you. Windows on Haiti, Just Imagine! Our principles and unfailing hope for the future of our nation will keep us going...

Thank again for your thoughts! They bring us joy and comfort, just when we need it the most.

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Post by Leoneljb » Mon May 03, 2010 9:22 pm

I can't believe I forgot such a Great Site!!! Shame, shame, shame!
Let me try to defend myself a little bit.
Returning back to the US made Life so Tough and Fast... It seems like I'm only here to pay BILLS and more BILLS. Before you know it, another Christmas is right around the corner.
Bagay yo rEd.

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Post by Widy » Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:26 am

Se èvè oun ti rèta kè'm ka swete WOH oun boun lannivèrsè. Tan la kout pa kote-m e mwen ra kon nèg a je ble asou fowòm-la, men mwen paka oubliye kominote yo. Oun bon kouraj ba editè-la e-m swete-w oun bon sante tou.

Nekita Lamour
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Happy Birthday

Post by Nekita Lamour » Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:53 pm

I think I have been with windows from day one. If you go back two years ago, you'll see my reflections regarding 10 years of writing in Haitian forum. Like you said Guy with other social networks and also yahoogroups, contributions have been slow.

I am also discouraged when trying to come up to the usefulness of all my writings. I wonder if I would not have been productive if I had spent the energy to produce books in lieu of on line contributions. Jaf had managed to write books. I don't know how he does it.

In any event, thanks for all your time and efforts.

Take care,
Kenbe la,

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