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Haiti can only change from within

Posted: Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:31 am
by Guysanto
Haiti can only change from within. We in the diaspora can assist, along with all well-meaning foreigners, as sons, daughters and friends of Haiti but not as saviors. If true leadership is not nurtured through a revolution of ideas and then trusted to do its job, then all the billions earmarked and baby-fed like apple sauce will be for naughts. Seek Haitian men/women that you can trust and empower them, like a young and liberated Haiti empowered Simon Bolivar to free much of South America. Remember, Petion did not, could not, liberate those lands. Simon Bolivar did. The best we can do is to seek and discover Haiti's natural leaders, who are not of this tired political class, listen to them and give them the tools that they ask for. But as long as we continue to pretend clumsily that Haiti's struggle can be won on other people's terms and by some intelligence that is not native, then we will only prolong the agony and perhaps hasten the death. Seek and Ye shall find. Don't believe in promises from those who have achieved nothing, but learn to recognize the small developmental successes that have occurred across the land, often far away from the political center, and ask "if you can make it happen here, why not on a larger scale?" And as far as the 10,000 foreign-led, USAID-sponsored, NGO's are concerned, we should pressure them to develop internal capacity resulting in local leadership in quantifiable patterns, starting immediately, or if they refuse, to invite them firmly to go where they can be more useful, in tasks such as cleaning the BP mess and its incalculable environmental disaster. Don't call me ungrateful, because I am not. However, if the people of Haiti cannot save Haiti, then Haiti is not worth saving. And I believe that it is.