Riz et Pois Collés

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Isabelle Fassinou

Riz et Pois Collés

Post by Isabelle Fassinou » Thu Sep 27, 2007 9:18 am

Riz et Pois Collés
two cups of long grain rice
one cup of red kidney beans
a finely chopped onion
one chopped hot green pepper
one ounce of salt pork cut into small cubes
one tablespoon of butter
two tablespoons of vegetable oil

Cook the beans in 4 cups of water for 2 hours or until tender. Drain the beans but keep the water which will be used to cook the rice. Fry the salt pork until crisp, then add the chopped onion, shallots and green pepper. When the onion is tender, add the beans and season to taste. Add the water used to cook the beans, bring to a boil, add the rice and cook for 20 minutes.

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