Des fonctionnaires de l’immigration dominicaine agressés

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Michel Nau_

Post by Michel Nau_ » Sat Jun 17, 2006 6:41 am

MDebeirt wrote: [quote]Does the Haitian Diaspora have a plan for helping to address this situation? I know that Grassroots Haiti and other organizations have been holding regular protests in front of the Dominican consulate here in NYC, but is anything else planned on a more diplomatic level? Perhaps with members of the American congress?[/quote] Radio Kiskeya a ecrit :[quote] Ils reprochent au gouvernement dominicain la violation des droits fondamentaux des sans-papiers et aux autorités haitiennes leur passivité face à des atrocités quasi-quotidiennes.[/quote]
In order to tackle the Haitian-Dominican conflict “the right way”, one needs to understand the historical aspect of this issue. They [Dominicans] are referred themselves as "Indians." None are referred to as "black."

For them, That word is only used to describe persons [Haitians] from the nation occupying the western one-third of Hispaniola, their shared Caribbean island.
the decision to shift away from embracing an African heritage began centuries ago: "There was a sense of 'deculturación' among the African slaves of Hispaniola. [There was] an attempt to erase any vestiges of African culture from the Dominican Republic. We were, in some way, brainwashed and we've become westernized." said Perdomo, a medium-complexioned Dominican who arrived in the United States 15 years ago.

This is a reversal of fortune. They need to come to term with their identity. Picketing daily in front of the Dominican Consular will not solve this aging problem but will definitely send a clear message out.
The picketing should continue, but the posters say: “Stop deporting Haitians” in addition, these posters should say:
Hey!! Dominicans!!
What is your color??
This may sound like a UNICEF's commercial or cosmetic products, but we need to send them a wake up call, and tell them to look in the mirror and tell us what they see?
They just need to be real !!


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