Haitian-Dominican solidarity events

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Haitian-Dominican solidarity events

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Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2006 Subject: round table discussion

Greetings, sisters and brothers, last Friday we held a round table discussion at local 1199. Many dynamic people who want to fight for justice and against the lynch-mob killings and mass deportations in the Dominican republic attended this event.

We had a panel of individuals who have a great understanding of the current crisis. they presented about the current situation in haiti, the Dominican republic and the work of the coalition of Dominican solidarity with the haitian community in the dominican republic (the coalition). After the panelists presented, our brother Edwin Paraison presented his ideas about this crisis and a video about the attacks against our Haitian people in the Dominican Republic. The video was very graphic and gave a human face to the racist attacks against our haitian sisters and brothers. All of us in the meeting hall felt as though we ourselves were being attacked.

Also comrade Elombe Brath presented his ideas about the African heritage which is common and should unite Dominicans and Haitians. Instead of allowing xenophobic and racist ideas to reign we should promote ideas which unite people around our common African heritage.

That night we agreed on the following things which will help us stop the violence in the dominican republic.

1) Support these six points which will later be more clearly defined (there were originally four points):

- Stop the killing of Haitian workers and prosecute the lynch-mobs in the Dominican Republic.

- Stop the mass deportations of Haitians, Dominican-Haitians and Afro-Dominicans from the Dominican Republic.

- Grant General Amnesty for Haitian workers and students in the Dominican Republic.

- Stop the Army and Police brutality against Haitians and Dominicans in the Dominican Republic.

- Recognize the citizenship rights of all Dominicans born in the Dominican Republic regardless of ancestry.

- Educate Haitians and especially Dominicans about their common African heritage.

2) Send a proposal to the Coalition to join together in this struggle.

3) Support the following activities:

- educational forums using brother paraison's video in the haitian, dominican and other communities.

- the ongoing, monthly rallies at the dominican consulate.

- the immigrant rights rally of April 10.

- the rally against U.S. intervention in the Dominican Republic of April 15.

- the Columbia University student conference of April 29.

- the rally at the Dominican consulate on April 15 or a date close to this one.

- take a document detailing the anti-haitian immigrant policies of the dominican government to the mexican embassy.

4) Meet again on Wednesday, April 12 at local 1199.

Sisters and brothers I hope to see you at these activities, especially at the April 12 meeting at local 1199.

A luta continua!

Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Mon Apr 10, 2006 1:38 am

I have a problem when it stated that those acts were Racist!
It is act of Self Hatred! It would have been Racist if it was committed by another Race!
Based on their ONE DROP formula, anyone who has One drop of African Blood. He/She is considered Black!
Oops, a lot of People are making faces! The Italians, Spaniards, Greeks, Indians etc, would not like that One Drop theory!
Therefore, if one can prove that for Generations there was not one single drop of Black Blood (I like this one) he/she is another race other than BLack. We are left with only some Scandinavians as Whites...
Now, the problems in RD are simply criminal acts based on Ignorance and Self-Hatred!!!!
L'union fait la Force,
Leonel JB (not Fernandez)

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Leonel, I understand your point, but as you defined it, racism then would not exist at all. There is but one race, and that is the Human Race, scientifically speaking. However, the word RACISM, as usually applied, involves the perception of race as a motivating factor for discriminatory or violent action against another person. That's it. Whether it involves self-hatred or not, is irrelevant. Certainly, in this case, there is a lot of self-hatred involved. Nevertheless, IT IS STILL RACISM. Let's not absolve them of that ISM. A "white" Dominican MAY or MAY NOT be a racist. But there are certainly enough racists among them, even if their own "whiteness" may be questioned.

The poor black Dominicans that are being repatriated to Haiti KNOW that they are victims of virulent racism. It does not matter that those who are carrying the act are just a shade lighter or imagine that they are "indio" and not let's say "moreno", "prieto", "mestizo", "jabao", "zambo", "moreno indio", "moreno casi negro", "negro", "haitiano", et cetera era era. Self-hatred is of course inherent to the culture of racism. Racism has never been powered by self-love, my friend. Study Hitler and Trujillo. So when a person's skin coloration is a discriminating factor for the application of injustice, we call it RACISM. Period.

Now about the "one drop" theory, who invented it and WHY IS IT ALMOST UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED accepted by both "blacks", "whites", and others?????????

Isn't that notion predicated on the purity and superiority of the WHITE RACE, a purity that, it appears, should not be diluted, because when it is you automatically lose the purity inherent IN BEING WHITE?

What if we turn the "one drop" theory on its head and start thinking of A PURE BLACK RACE (to which, few people on the American continent could possibly belong). What if we said that if you have one drop of "white blood" in your veins, then you cannot consider yourself BLACK! You could then call yourself anything you want, but society would consider yourself WHITE (with notions of impurity and inferiority attached) and not BLACK (in its purest, most superior form). Then, on the basis of the acceptance of that "theory", Jafrikayiti would be a white man! Ezili Danto would be a white woman! You and I, and practically everyone who has visited this forum, would be WHITE, for having a drop of "white blood" in our veins.

If you ACCEPT the abusive notion of the "one drop" theory, and consider that there are pure blacks and pure whites, then what to make of ALL PEOPLE IN BETWEEN. Since somehow, society DEMANDS that they identify as WHITE OR BLACK (or whatever other "pure race"), please tell me IN WHICH SACRED BOOK IS IT WRITTEN THAT THEY ARE BLACK ? (and that they do not belong to "the pure white race"). I would like to know, chapter and verse.

If somehow those notions are pre-ordained and come from divine inspiration, then we had better know WHICH GOD we are bowing to!!!

While we could continue a conversation on abusive notions of racial classifications, the fact of the matter is that racism, as a social disease, is alive and well in the Dominican Republic. It may be fueled by self-hatred as you say. It may be fueld by runaway nationalism. It may be fueled by a poor understanding of national economic factors. It may be fueled by historical factors and the bad taste left by past periods of Haitian domination of the island. It may be fueled by unexplainable FEAR OF THE OTHER. But whatever the case, when poor black dominicanos are "repatriated'" (how ironic a notion!) alongside poor black haitianos, it is RACISM, regardless of who is doing it.

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