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DR condemned for denying birth certificates to 2 girls

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2005 10:08 am
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October, 8 - 9:21 AM

DR condemned for denying birth certificates to 2 girls

Inter-American Human Rights Court rules in favor of girls of Haitian descent

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SANTO DOMINGO.- The Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CIDR) condemned the Dominican State to pay US$22,000 in damages to the children Dilcia Yean and Violeta Bosico, and to their mothers, for failing to issue their birth certificates.

The children were left in a state of persons without a country for more than four years in violation of articles 20 and 24 of the American Convention.

Both children will receive 8,000 dollars, whereas their mothers, Leonidas Oliven Yean and Tiramen Bosico Cofi, will receive a total of 6,000 for costs and expen
ses, as well as a payment to the Movement of Haitian Haitian-Dominican (MUDHA), to the Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL), and to the International Human Rights Law Clinic, School of Law, University of Californian at Berkeley, to compensate the expenses made by these during the process.

The sentence for damages was handed down on September 8, but presented yesterday in the country, and stipulates that the Dominican State must publish, within six months, counted from the notification in the official newspaper and another newspaper of national circulation, at least once, the corresponding facts with the decisive points.

The court, with its headquarters in Costa Rica, also orders that the State conducts an act witnessed by a notary public, of recognition of international responsibility and apologize to the victims Dilcia Yean and Violeta Bosico, and to their mothers Leonidas Oliven Yean, Tiramen Bosico Cofi and Teresa Tucent Mena, sister.

In this act, also in a term of six mo
nths, State authorities, the victims and their relatives will have to participate, as well as representatives from the media (radio, presses and television).

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights received the case in the Spanish language in 1998 by Genaro Rincon Mieses and Sonia Pierre, of (MUDHA), whereas the English version was submitted in 1999 by Rincon Mieses and Maria Claudia Pulido, of CEJIL; as well as Laurel Fletcher and Roxana Althoolz, representatives of the University of Californian at Barkeley.

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Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2005 10:09 am
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Edwin, ban nou yon ti mizajou sou istwa sa, souple.