Voices of the Haitian and Dominican Diasporas

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Voices of the Haitian and Dominican Diasporas

Post by Guysanto » Sun Apr 27, 2008 6:51 pm

“Voices of the Haitian and Dominican Diaspora in the United States” is an open forum organized by Columbia University students of Haitian and Dominican descent who are dedicated to the cause of remedying the human rights situation facing Haitian immigrants and their descendants in the Dominican Republic. The persistence of the violations of Haitian-Dominican's rights in the Dominican Republic, as well as the Dominican and Haitian governments' refusal to address these violations are the main driving forces behind the creation of this forum.

Currently New York City serves as home to a growing Dominican and Haitian population, which have a powerful voice that resonates on the island. This open forum, sponsored by the Kraft Family Fund, will provide not only the space, but also the information and connections necessary to enact change.

The forum will consists of a screening of two short documentaries, Birthright Crisis and Di Perejil, about the issue of Haitian migration into the Dominican Republic, followed by a discussion of the films by the creators of the documentaries. After the discussion, breakout sessions will cover different aspects of the issue. Finally, we will have a panel consisting of several prominent speakers.


Irene Rial-Bou:
Director and producer of the film Di Perejil (Say Perejil), a film about the efforts of Dominican women of Haitian descent to establish the identities of their children and to raise them freely in the Dominican Republic. It is also a chronicle of their attempt to bring together two languages, two societies, and two cultures- in the name of peace and justice.

Dr. Maritza Jimenez:
Worked over 20 years on the border, including overseeing the construction of a free clinic for the residents of the town of Jimani.

Edwin Paraison:
Former Haitian consul to the Dominican Republic and activist for Haitian immigrants' rights in the Dominican Republic.

Silvio Torres-Salliant:
The Founding Director of the Dominican Studies Institute at the City University of New York, Torres-Salliant is currently heading the Latin American and Latino Studies program at Syracuse University. He is the author of Caribbean Poetics and The Dominican-Americans.

Event Information:

Date & Time: May 3rd, 2008 at 12:30 p.m.
Location: Hammer Health Sciences Center (701 W. 168th Street, corner of Ft. Washington), Room 401
Directions: 1, A, C trains, M4, M5, M7 buses to 168th Street, walk one block East to Fort Washington
Map of Medical Campus

Schedule of Events:
12:30- Registration
1:15- Introductions
1:20 - Di Perejil (Say Perejil) Screening ( 41 min.)
2:05 - Question & Answer with Producer Irene Rial-Bou
2:25 - 1st Breakout Session
3:10 - 2nd Breakout Session
4:00 - Panel Discussion

5:35 - Cultural Reception
Following the open forum, we will be hosting a reception with refreshments and entertainment by several musical groups

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