The Haitian Constitution needs to be amended

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Post by Zanfanginen » Tue Oct 23, 2007 5:36 pm

What about the dual citizenship issue ? I hope that Preval-Alexis government take a hard look on the issue because it is the diaspora that is contributing the most to Haiti's economy. It is a necessity that most people living in the diaspora have the dual citizenship so that they can get more involve in the development of Haiti.

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Post by Tidodo » Wed Oct 24, 2007 6:43 am

We have discussed this issue on this forum many times in the past, and the consensus is there that the constitution is, at least on these two, weak on the treatment of the dual citizenship and the frequency of the elections. On the latter, the problem is the unnecessary cost that the country cannot afford, and, on the former, in alienating the biggest source of investments in Haiti the cost is higher than the reward.

But, assuming that Senou's translation is accurate, I have no problem in general with the amendment procedure though it is more rigid than it could have been without eliminating the safeguards. Having said that, I can't help lamenting the amendment process could have started during the last two administrations and we would have had a head up on the process.

As far as the claim that a president who swore to uphold the constitution cannot spearhead its amendment is hogwash. It seems from the translation above, the constitution provides for anyone of the executive or the legislative to make such proposal, as long as it follows the procedures. So, where is C.H. Baker's rationale for his criricisms?

[quote]On the recommendation, with reasons given to support it, of one of the two (2) Houses or of the Executive Branch, the Legislature may declare that the Constitution should be amended.[/quote]

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