Socio-Economic Development of the Island of La Gonave, Haiti as a SEZ

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Post by jafrikayiti » Tue Mar 13, 2007 9:18 pm

Very informative and inspiring reading !

As there is no audio in the presentation, I could not tell where the project currently stands and how the GoH has responded so far.

But, overall, this is the type of scale I think Haitians need to begin thinking when discussing development. The biggest mistake we can make as a people is to understimate the incredible value of these 27,500 sq kilometres that our forefathers left for our benefit.

Lagonâve is one of the big islands of Haiti that I have yet to visit. But, whether it is La Gonave, La Tortue, Île-à-Vache, Kayimit they are major treasures waiting for us to develop.

I encourage GDC to stay focused (keep your eyes on making the dream real) but at the same time stay flexible (there are adjustments that may become necessary) to accommodate the conflicts between development and environmental sustainability... but so far, i like what I see.

Kenbe fèm !


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