Sarah Palin's debate performance

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Post by Leoneljb » Sun Oct 05, 2008 1:44 pm

Hey Guys, why the Democrats are still not going after her on "Family Values"? How about her records in Alaska?
The Woman is less qualified than GW!
It's scary to think she can be the next President...
Last week, the Democrats accepted the Republican formats for the debate. The latter was using all excuses to control the debate: from putting a strayed jacket on the Moderator to playing The" Sexism Card". I don't care if Woman thinks she is equal. Therefore, she should be treated equally.-

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Post by Guysanto » Tue Oct 07, 2008 3:06 pm

Hey Leonel, don't have a cow!

Now that she's accusing Obama of pallin' with terrorists, inviting everyone in essence to see Obama as a terrorist, I think that most people will finally see her for the nutcase that she really is.

This Palin is appalling... let's focus on McCain and the Economy.

I don't think that the Republicans stand a chance, if the voting and vote-counting processes are conducted in a fair way.

I know, I know, that is a big IF.

They stole the elections in 2000 (Florida), they stole it again in 2004 (Ohio), what won't they do in 2008?

But if all of us who can, do register and vote, there will be a tidal wave.

It's really up to us. It's no longer "them", it's "us".

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