The US election nightmare scenario

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Post by Guysanto » Tue Sep 23, 2008 8:12 am

Hmm.... That would be a mess, vastly more interesting than the Bush-Gore debacle which allowed the U.S. Supreme Court to steal the Office of the Presidency and hand it over to the Son of their chief benefactor. This would be a political spectacle on the order of Haiti's two Congressional chambers having to ratify a selected Prime Minister. Well, that's an exaggeration...

Nonetheless, it would make for good TV, the sort of which I haven't seen since the days of Watergate.

In case of an electoral tie, I would devise a different process to select the next President of the United States that would be vastly less expensive and perhaps even more entertaining: put the three pit-bulls in lipstick (Pelosi, Clinton, and Palin) in a circle and let them fight to the finish, winner take all.

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