Requests for humanitarian assistance

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Requests for humanitarian assistance

Post by Guysanto » Wed Sep 03, 2008 1:45 pm

Bonjour a tous,

Je suis actuellement au bureau de la DPC.
La situation est catastrophique sur tout le territoire.
Plusieures zones ont deja ete evacuees a cause des inondations.

Comme vous pouvez l'imaginer, les besoins seront multiples.
Pour l'instant la DPC a encore besoin pour les abris provisoires de:
- beaucoup d'eau
- Vetements et couvertures
- Matelas
- Toilettes
- Kit d'hygiene (dentifrice, savon de toilettes, papier hygienique, pampers, serviettes hygieniques)
- Nourriture prete a la consommation (mamba, pain, sardines, lait, jus, soupe)
- Flash et batteries

Priere de faire passer le message.

Nous avons encore un seul point de chute qui est la Direction Departementale du Ministere de l'Environnement
Situe a Clercine 2 sur la route de l'aeroport.

Merci de contacter Mme Nadia Lochard au 3464-0062

Marie-Louise Augustin Russo
Alliance pour la Gestion des Risques
Et la Continuité des Activités(AGERCA)
c/o ADIH
21, rue Borno
Pétion-Ville, Haiti
Tel.: (509) 25-14-0184
Cell.: (509) 34-41-0454

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Post by Guysanto » Wed Sep 03, 2008 2:23 pm

"In the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav, less than a week ago, devastation has struck Haiti. There are many victims who have been left homeless. The city of Gonaives is now under 2 meters of water. Since Monday morning strong rain has pounded mountain villages throughout Haiti and the waters gushing from the mountains are carrying mud and anything in their paths to flood the valley city of Gonaives.

Tidjo (Lambi Fund of Haiti regional coordinator for Northern Haiti) and Margot (Lambi Fund advisory board member) called at 3 am to inform us that Tidjo's home was flooded. Margot was traveling and had to seek refuge at Tidjo's home. Due to the sturdiness of Tidjo's home, over 20 neighbors had sought shelter on the roof top.

Many others have sought refuge on their roof tops, Gonaive's hospitals are flooded and are asking for help in moving and securing their patients. The city does not have the capacity to handle this emergency and the mayor has sought assistance.

St Cyr (Lambi Fund regional coordinator for Southern Haiti) came to Port-au-Prince for a staff meeting, just called home and was informed that his neighborhood in the South is completely flooded and the rushing waters have carried away many of their household items. His family has had to seek shelter on their rooftop.

Hurricane Hanna came too closely on the heels of Gustav and stalled over Haiti.The flooding from both hurricanes caused hundreds of deaths, loss of crops, homes, micro-enterprises and animals due to heavy rainfalls. Although food aid is a temporary solution, ultimately, Haiti desperately requires investments in sustainable development in an effort to restore environmental integrity and reduce poverty.

A close neighbor to the U.S., Haiti desperately needs support in rebuilding the communities ravaged by the recent storms, but also needs support in becoming self-sufficient. Natural disasters cannot be avoided, but the severe devastation caused by it can surely be mitigated. To support the sustainable development rebuilding efforts of Lambi Fund of Haiti, please go here and make an online donation.

We will keep you posted on further details. Meanwhile forward this email to those who share your values.

Karen Ashmore
Executive Director
The Lambi Fund

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Post by Barb » Thu Sep 04, 2008 8:11 am

One billion dollars for the rebuilding of Georgia...

Is there any response to this appeal?

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Post by Widy » Thu Sep 04, 2008 4:17 pm

Pa si Gwadloup kon Matinik menm, nèg yo ja ka pòte mannèv pou vini an sèkou a Ayiti.

Men mwen te vle fè oun ti rale kanmenm si jan yo ap jere èd imanitè nan zòn la.

Dayè, se biten mwen ja pale si fowòm-la se zafè a move jesyon a èd yo, zafè a ede moun a yo an prèmye e sa ki bizwen paka jan-m trape.

Se konsa plen moun Gwadloup paka fè konfyans a òganizasyoun imanitè ankò, piskè deja avan machandiz-la rive si bato, se moun-la jaka ba moun a yo avan e se sa ki rete ki ka pran bato.

Youn dòt sitèm nap wè ankò se de bato ki ap sòti Ayiti ou Gwadloup yo ka bake tout materyèl e yo ka foure kap si Ayiti.

Lè nou sav leta koripsyoun ki gen nan peyi-la menm, ès kè sepa pli move nap konstate ankò sètadi, zafè a ba moun a yo ou detoune èd-la nan pwofi a yo.

Se konsa ni de moun ki ka trape gwo kantite èd men yo ka vann li olye yo ba malere.

Mwen ka panse kè sa se oun biten pou nou reflechi osi pou wè ki jan nap mete oun sistèm imanitè efikas nan zòn-la padavwa kè nou tout (nou-menm, fanmi ou zanmi nou) konsène pa se jen dè katastròf tala.

Dèpi nan Gine boun nèg toujou ede nèg.


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Post by Serge » Thu Sep 04, 2008 4:35 pm

What is needed is for us to stop to automatically look to the US for aid. People may think I am being unrealistic, but let us not forget that the contribution of the Haitian Diaspora is estimated at 1.2 billion every year.

Let us start this time to look at ourselves and start to massively help, $10.00 here, 20 there, 30, 40. We are at least 1 million Haitians abroad.

The Lambi Fund has posted an appeal above. I know this organization which has been operating among the people for more than 20 years, fostering economic developement among the people to make them independant, loaning them funds to start their business so that they can become self-sufficient. That is the way to go. Another organization is Fonkoze, also very serious and all working with, and among the underprivileged. I can say they are very serious organizations because I have worked with both of them.

Let us start here. Let us show that we can work toward a common goal in those very very hard times that our people are going through there.....


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Food or clothing donations contact info

Post by Guysanto » Wed Sep 10, 2008 12:50 pm

From: Lambi Fund of Haiti

Food or clothing donations contact below

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: *Josette Perard* <jperard3>
Date: Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 8:05 AM
Subject: ijans

Hi Karen,
If people want to send food or clothing here the phone number of a "Commission Nationale" the Bureau of the Prime Minister have where people can call..... the Government want to Coordinate ...the help

(509) 2228-6026
(509) 2228-6027

Karen Ashmore
Executive Director
Lambi Fund of Haiti
Supporting economic justice, democracy and sustainable development in Haiti

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