Vote for Change on November 4, 2008

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Vote for Change on November 4, 2008

Post by Guysanto » Fri Aug 29, 2008 3:46 pm

Windows on Haiti endorses Barack Obama's run for the Presidency of the United States of America.

Visit our campaign page at: ... enforobama

I wish to thank you all for helping me raise the respectable sum of $1,000 in Windows on Haiti's first ever fundraiser for a political candidate. As far as campaign contributions go, it's only a token of our resolve to have a say in the policies that impact us from up close or afar.

If you wonder what this has to do with Haiti, my answer is simple: I do believe that the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States will make for a decidedly better World and be more favorable to Haitians and Haitian-Americans than would the election of John McCain whose International Republican Institute has worked to destabilize the World since 1993 and fomented a violent military coup in Haiti, under McCain's management as Chairman of the Board.

Will McCain become the next President of the United States? There is a distinct possibility of that happening because during George W. Bush's two administrations, the American people have seemingly become a nation of zombies too afraid to say "HELL, NO!" to those who abuse their rights under the pretense of a misdirected war on terror.

With McCain, all evidence points to a future where Haitians and Haitian-Americans will be getting more of the same really.

With Obama, we will be careful to separate the substance from the rhetoric, but we do believe that we will get more enlightened foreign and domestic policies that will benefit all our brothers and sisters.

Some Haitian-American citizens do not seem to care about an Obama-Biden Victory. I wonder why. Is it because of the hurricanes' terrible impact on Haiti and our psyche?

Speaking of the environmental disaster in Haiti, why aren't Haitian refugees granted the same Temporary Protected Status that covers citizens of Burundi, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Somalia, Sudan currently and Liberia, Sierra Leone, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Yugoslavia, Angola, Lebanon, Montserrat, Guinea-Bissau, Rwanda, and Kuwait in the past?

Is it a question of race? No..........

Is it a question of proximity? No.............

Is it that Haiti has never been torn by internal warfare, military coups d'état, violent political repression? No............

Is it that Haiti has never been hit by natural disasters big enough to warrant the attention of its powerful northern neighbor? No...........

No, no, no, and no...... but why are Haiti and Haitians in general so neglected? Please don't tell me it's because we're Black! There's got to be some other factor! Other Black countries have made the TPS list. But Haiti...NEVER!

Should Haitian-Americans care to try and change U.S. Foreign Policy with regard to Haitians in Haiti and Haitian refugees in the United States? Should U.S. Immigration Policy be modified in any way? Should undocumented Haitians continually live in fear of getting arrested in indiscriminate fashion, jailed, and deported? Should the standard U.S. policy of "wet foot, dry foot" (Cuban), any foot (Haitian)" continue to be applied through unlawful means sanctioned by decrees of executive power overriding all immigration laws that are on the book? Should Haitians ever be given the same considerations that apply to other people?

Will Haitian-Americans as a voting block take a stand?

If not… are we so mired in our daily struggle for survival that we don't give a flying finger of fate whether it's a donkey or an elephant or anything in between in charge of implementing foreign and domestic policy in the United States... regardless of impact on Haitians in Haiti or Haitians in the United States of America?

One good cause should not preempt another. The Republicans' conduct of foreign policy has been disastrous for Haiti. I sincerely believe that the election of John McCain as President of the United States would continue that policy, unchanged and unchallenged. Remember, John McCain is the Chairman of the International Republican Institute. Remember their links to Haiti and Vote Obama to manifest our Will to Change the Haiti policy as it stands.

If you are an American citizen, please be sure to Vote and encourage other Haitian-Americans to do the same. We need you. Please decide on the most effective way for you to make a difference in a world that is so lacking in hope today, and follow through. Inaction will only hasten our descent to increased militarization, deepening recession, and prolonged depression. If you care for a better world for yourself and your loved ones, do something today, don't wait until tomorrow. Through our concerted actions, we will change the world, because indeed... YES, WE CAN!

We are on the brink of making History!

It's a financial house of cards and most of us are headed to very hard times, on the financial front.

Remember that eight years of Bush-Cheney Republican policies brought us to this crisis which the presidency of Barack Obama will inherit.

Assuming that the Republicans will not find it possible to CHEAT on a massive scale ONE MORE TIME...

It looks increasingly that Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States. A mighty difficult step for one man, a huge leap for America.

Let liberals and conservatives join hands together for A NEW DAY IN AMERICA AND THE REST OF THE WORLD.

We were craving for real leadership and our hope is that Obama will deliver it, but we should always remember that he will not be able to do anything at all without our cooperation.

Let's turn the page on George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, this infamous and highly criminal administration, that played out like the worst nightmare of our lives. Let them go back to playing golf and shooting quail, as we certainly do not have the stomach to make them pay for their misdeeds. They have nearly destroyed America as a nation.

It's time for us to rebuild, brick by brick, together with Obama!

I thank you.

Guy S. Antoine

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Post by jafrikayiti » Sat Oct 25, 2008 11:18 am

Not being able to vote in the U.S. elections, I can only wish you all GOOD LUCK and May your best wishes come true.

A word of caution however. The experience of democracy-loving people all over the world has shown that it is not sufficient for the people to make the right choice at the polls and to ensure their leaders get into the house - be it officially called "white" as Fidel noted recently - or not.

People have done so much in Congo, Haiti and - even in the U.S. only to see their dreams turned into nightmare. Either the leader is eliminated physically (Lumumba, Sankarra, Aristide, Allende, Kennedy - not JFK, Robert) or the elction stolen from them (Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004) or again, the elected government can be neutered to effectively work for the exclusive interests of the national and international predatory class of spoiled brats.

So, Obama 2008 is a great campaign - so long as it is accompanied by a vision to stay mobilized for at least 8 years of follow-through.

Apre dans tanbou lou they once warned us... Zafè n si n kite lagè avèti touye noumenm ki deja konnen n kokobe.

Pa koute sa k ap voye ou al priye - veye - de je kale!


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Post by jafrikayiti » Sat Oct 25, 2008 11:22 am

Podyab Titid...I had put Aristide in the list of leaders who were physically eliminated. Although confined to far away exile by the white supremacist forces behind the 2004 coup, the Haitian former President is alive in South-Africa.

So, please read instead:

Either the leader is eliminated physically (Lumumba, Sankarra, Allende, Kennedy - not JFK, Robert) or the election stolen from them (Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004) or again, the elected government can be neutered to effectively work for the exclusive interests of the national and international predatory class of spoiled brats who control the economy.

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