Haiti certainly does NOT need the U.S.!

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Post by Guysanto » Mon Mar 10, 2008 5:50 am

Aragorn, Haiti must always be engaged in talks with the United States, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, and all other countries that have the capacity to assist. Exclusive political alignments will never be our salvation. We have given much to the world, and in our hour of need we cannot do it alone. But we cannot put blind faith in anyone, least the U.S. alone I agree, but not in anyone else either. Haitians have to think for themselves and work out arrangements that are beneficial to the country with whomever they can.

The time for cold wars is over. The time for political posturing is over. The time for selling our souls to Peter or to Paul is over. Let's sit at the table and do what is right and what makes sense for Haiti.

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