No More Secretary of State for Literacy!

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Pitit Ginen

Post by Pitit Ginen » Wed Mar 17, 2004 7:48 pm


But what is the point? Am I gonna feel happy or disatisfied about the formation of a new haitian governement while my country is under a violent and military occupation by the neo-nazi fascist army of the US. As I already said : it is very unfortunate that my brothers and sisters, who are courageous enough to resist that dirty occupation, are being simply slaughtered. And yet, they are resisting that occupation, and alone , and empty hands. While my very flesh is tearing apart by a sense of hoplessness and angriness, I am deeply comforted by the simple fact that in Irak the blood of my sisters and brothers being shed in the streets of Port-au-Prince is being avenged.

What the heck is that that a coward so-called superpower is going around bullying the weakest? They have invaded Afghanistan, Irak, and Haiti. But when it comes to North Korea; well, we better negociate guys. I don't think we can ever touch or take a bi
te into that one. Not stupid after all. They are just a bunch of dirty cowadrs. They are threathening Cuba : are they going to drop a nuclear bomb on this island? I will say that : with that us government we are dealing with now; this government being run by a bunch of fuck-up fascist minds, nothing is unavoidable in this world.....

Hopefully, what goes around comes right back at the bully's face. I might be dead today or tomorrow, but there is nothing that goes up and doesn't come down. usa is not the end of History. They will shed a lot of the Third World's blood, but History, one way or another always takes its revange (...)

Pitit Ginen.

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Post by Jonas » Thu Mar 18, 2004 7:56 am


These people have no interest in literacy.
They want to continue their saying that the people are not educated enough, to choose their leaders.
I hope I am wrong, but I think they are going to do everything in their power in order to ""turn back the clock"".

Forget about Creole, French is now the order of the day.

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